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Taoist Meditation Techniques:  The Secret Smile

Taoist Meditation Techniques: The Secret Smile

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  1. nice video bro

  2. Meditation for stress really helpful man, cuz school is stressing me out alot, not the work the people. anyway thanks again for the awesome video

  3. Amen Gordon! I love running and the natural high it provides. I do have some thoughts when im running, but try some martial arts there you are 100% only in the present moment

  4. I needed this today man smh I really did I appreciate it my mom is really just messing with my energy it's everyday thing I think she's a energy vampire she can't go one day without arguing I'm done with her for now idk

  5. You, you got what I neeeeeeeed!!
    hahah no but really you always post a video and I'm like "Hey I needed that!!" So thanks :)

  6. Hey friend, I was wondering if you could do a video about finding the energy to be happy, to enjoy life? I'm 15 years old, in my first year of high school, and recently life has gotten hard… I've had depression on and off (more off than on mostly, TG) for the past few years, and what's happened most recently is that I've lost the energy and the desire to be happy, I tell myself I'm fine when I'm not. I just keep getting knocked down, and I can usually get back up, but it's just gotten so tiring that I feel like I'm drowning in all of the sadness and I can't even find it in myself to come back up and to my senses.

    Your videos have helped me A LOT, and a video would mean the WORLD to me.

    Have a great night and day tomorrow!

  7. another great clip bro. thankyou :)

  8. Hi Gordon. Could you please share with as what camera and lighting settings you use?

  9. What's the song in the intro, it's awesome

  10. soulfoodforinnerpeac

    Love the intro to your videos. makes me want to get up and dance lol amazing words as always <3

  11. It's good to hear alternatives- outside of the usual techniques.

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