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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. leo, what are some of the results you got from this meditation technique??

  2. Thank you Leo, your meditation suggestions have changed my life. I have one question to do with this meditation and the Self Inquiry enlightenment work you suggested in another video. I want to do both but have limited time. Do you suggest doing them back to back, or one morning and one night, or some other way? Thank you.

  3. 2 things first thing is when I do this my body always gets the urge to bounce almost like energies are taking over my body is that normal? Also after I did this I went out straight after and i was literally like a crazy monkey i was so fun!! XDXD I lost it after a while see life always gets you in the end XDXD but it was fun as hell XDXD

  4. Hey Leo Is it normal for the first meditation to feel so short ? It was 20mn but it felt like 5mn tops . I also felt extremely still and scared at some point and then like maybe i was levitating or something . And my eyes kept watering .. Weird.

  5. My fav technique :)

  6. Hey Leo, I'm not particularly new to meditation, I used to be very on and off with it, but I've begun to get into it again and I've been trying the Do Nothing meditation for about 1 and a half weeks now, and last night I fainted while meditating. Is there anything I should be concerned about?

  7. Boukbir Abderrahim

    Thanks Leo :) do I have to close my eyes while meditating?

  8. Hello Leo! I wanna thank you, this technique is helping me a lot and yes, it is changing my life, my thoughts were very messed up so I starte with 5 minutes, in the next day 8 minutes, in the anoher 15 minutes and now I`m at 20 minutes, now I will try to find more time to meditate for at least 1 hour a day, I`m looking forward to it >.<

  9. I am a squirrel on crack cocaine.
    boom, enlightenment

  10. geniální, thanks for that

  11. hi! this is great that having a monkey mind is ok with you. But how do we manifest. Please let me know few tricks and lessons for it also

  12. can i do this with my eyes closed?

  13. I watched a video by you 15 days ago on meditating and becoming the atmosphere, letting your clouds of thoughts go, not getting caught in them, concentrating on your breathing. Now I've found this, what am I supposed to do? This or that?

  14. My mind doesn't feel pent up… and I can't imagine sitting there letting it go wild, thinking about horrible things and things that upset me. I do that already, that's the problem. Now that's supposed to help? This seems so strange to me and the opposite of what you taught me in the other video. :( Damn, lost again.

  15. Is it more ideal to breathe through our nose or mouth?

  16. Hello Leo! I want to thank you, your work is just AMAZING! you've been helping me a lot with your videos. I started practicing mindfulness meditation a month ago, but i also want to try the do nothing technique. Is it ok to combine both of them? (20 minutes of mindfulness in the morning and 10-15 minutes of do nothing in the evening, for example)? Do I have to focus just on one technique at a periode of time?

  17. Hi Leo! Great great video… I practise this technique a lot and I find it incredibly effective. It seems to me that with this technique I'm cultivating non judgemental attention to the contents of my mind. Would it, therefore, be right to consider it a form of mindfulness exercise? How does it differ from other kinds of meditation?

  18. dude are you a super villain? you look like a super villain lol

  19. how does it feel when I achieve to stabilize my mind?

  20. hi Leo i have just one question.does this connect and how does it with enlightenment work?

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