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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. Am I the only one screaming "YAS, DADDY!"???

  2. i love it, it's help a lot. thanks

  3. This was a good video.  I sing in my church choir.  Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

  4. Ida Michelle Dittlau

    Great tips! I have Eric Arceneaux course and are doing his breathing exercises, but you added some things here which was great! Thank you!

  5. I can only get around 30 seconds. My lungs must suck.

  6. Thanks I'm going to be doing this every night to improve my support :)

  7. amine nefaitpasdesvidéos

    All of this is good but for me the better and easiest way is FOR REAL IS TO EAT !!!! You feel it s way better instantly

  8. should you be breathing in through the nose or mouth?

  9. thank you!

  10. thank you mr. for your lesson its helps me a lot. now i can sustain 40s yahh
    thanks again mr.

  11. I am a vocalist for an extreme metal band and always have troubles with breathing!
    This helped so much thank you!!

  12. Thank you so much! I will try these because one of my friends wants me to sing with her professionally and I just don't know how to stomach breathe then.

  13. Wow, you are sure beautiful man. God blessed you. Thanks so much for the help.

  14. Bro I am in a bit of a confusion here…when you say you do it for around 1min 20s, is this time inclusive of both the inhalation and the exhalation? Would really appreciate your response……….thanks much for the video…….

  15. VERY helpful, thanks!

  16. This was AWESOME!…Just got my first show in Several years(Sondheim's Assassins) and have lost all technique. Thank You so much…This should help. Smiling

  17. dnt ur vocal dry out if u breath in with your mouth ? when i sing and record my self it sounds like im running out of breath any help with that ? n thanks….. i usally inhale with my nose and exhale out my mouth

  18. is it safe to do crunches after?

  19. is it also ok to do when i have a cold?

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