Lastest Apophysitis Calcaneus (Sever Condition) News

Take a step in the right direction when dealing with foot problems
Whether walking around the lush grounds of Hermann Park or on the sandy beaches of Galveston, Houstonians are always on the go. However, foot discomfort or pain can put a damper on summer plans. Dr. David L. Blumfield, of the Podiatry Associates of …

Sore heel that&;s a sign your child&39;s grown too fast for his own good
… out of his running club training session by his coach as he was complaining of heel and calf pain. &39;The coach said he&39;d seen kids have the same problems before and it was due to &39;s disease — a medical I&39;d never heard of before …
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Heel Pain: Causes, Prevention and Treatments
Severs disease (calcaneal ) – the most common cause of heel pain in child/teenage athletes, caused by overuse and repetitive microtrauma of the growth plates of the (heel bone). Children aged from 7-15 are most commonly affected.
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