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Baby Gabriel Only Lived 10 Days After Birth, But His Life Proves Every Child
Hardly anyone gets to bring their anencephalic baby . For ten days Gabriel clung to this world. On that tenth day, through tears my ex-husband and I told our son we loved him, that he had given us more than we could have asked for, and that we knew …

What Is It About Life That Makes It Valuable?
That would put humans above pretty much every other living thing, though it would exclude the unborn and infants, as well as people with brain damage (e.g., anencephalic babies, people who are comatose or in a persistent vegetative state). Is it our …

Remembering Grayson, anencephalic baby banned from Facebook whose short life
He was born with , a rare neural tube birth defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. Action 5 shared the Walker&;s story about their son&39;s eight hours of life shortly after he died. Heather Walker then posted …
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Parent&39;s of Teddy Houlston, Britain&39;s youngest ever organ donor Teddy, tell all
Teddy was suffering from anencephaly, a rare condition meaning he would likely not live for even one day after birth. The condition usually begins in the early stages of pregnancy and means the neural tube which forms the baby&39;s skull does not fold …
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