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Curcumin inhibits cobalt chloride-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition
Studies also demonstrated that hepatocytes could contribute to the accumulation of activated fibroblasts via EMT, which had a functional role in the progression of fibrosis in two different mouse models for chronic disease. These data …. The …

Myeloma Lessons: Some Bumps In The Road
Two months ago, my urine immunofixation showed measurable monoclonal proteins for the first time since my diagnosis. The proteins, however, are kappa and, at initial diagnosis, … A little over a year ago I noticed that my AST (aspartate …
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People with hepatitis B can safely use Truvada PrEP for HIV prevention
As previously reported, in this international study of nearly 2500 men who have sex with men (plus a small number of transgender women), daily Truvada reduced the risk of HIV infection by 92% among participants with drug levels indicating …
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#Chagas #Disease Parasite Prevalent in Texas 'Kissing Bugs&39; The bugs — also known as "assassin ...

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