Lastest Adult Stem Cells (Stem Cells) News

Korean Researchers Find the Possibility that Mesenchymal
Researchers in Korea have determined the possibility that adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) may extend healthy life and lifespan by intravenous injections. Professor Kim from Chungbuk National University and Dr. Ra from Biostar, as a joint research …
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Waltham biotech to start selling &;breakthrough&39; stem cells after license deal
The Waltham-based biotech (not to be confused with another Waltham biotech with a similar name, Minerva Neurosciences), has been developing its stem cell technology since 1999. Its aim is to discover a way to create stem cells from adult cells that are …
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Stem Cell Research Informed Consent: What To Know
Adult stem cells. Typically these are found in the person&39;s skin or grown from a sample of skin cultured in a laboratory from a skin biopsy and can then be used for treatment, such as burns. Until now, most stem cell research has involved obtaining …
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