Lastest Ad14 (Killer Cold Virus (Adenovirus Infection, Ad14)) News

Appears in US
The virus is type 14 or Ad14. Since May 2006, when it killed a 12-day-old girl in New York City, there have been 10 deaths among 141 confirmed cases. Except for the infant girl, the cases came in outbreaks in Oregon, Washington, and …
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Killer Cold Virus: Questions And Answers
"Almost all the 51 types of adenovirus can cause the full range of symptoms – and so can rhinovirus, a different cold virus. What is unusual about Ad14 is the severity of symptoms. It is not that the other adenoviruses can&;t do this, they just don&39;t do …
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Mutated cold virus turns lethal; CDC not worried
Earlier this year, hundreds of trainees at Lackland became ill with respiratory infections. Tests showed a variety of adenoviruses in the trainees, but at least 106 — and probably more — had the mutated form of Ad14, including five who ended up in an …
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