Lastest Abdominal Hernia (Hernia Overview) News

CQI Interventions Improve Laparoscopic Ventral Repair Results
Nashville, Tenn.—Clinical quality improvement (CQI) interventions resulted in shorter hospital length of stay and postanesthesia care unit time, as well as narcotic analgesics requirements in patients undergoing laparoscopic ventral hernia repair …
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I Had a Kid. Will My Bladder Ever Be Normal?
Women who have kids may have some degree of pelvic prolapse, in which organs like the uterus or small bowel are not fully anchored to the levator muscle of your pelvic floor, which Dr. Rabin describes as a trampoline at the bottom of your abdomen. With …
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Span returning to DL as injuries continue to wreak havoc on Nationals
He had a sports hernia repaired in the offseason and underwent a procedure on an muscle in March, which delayed his season debut. The trip to the disabled list to Span is not the only setback for Washington, which sits 6 1/2 games behind the …

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