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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. Yoga Practice Videos - Yoga Vidya

    Marcus, yes many aspects of yoga can open unpleasant feelings and anxiety. Usually this comes from emotional events and issues that you have stored in your body and not released. It is actually a good thing when these emotions try to break free. You should go slowly with pranayama so it does not become more than you can handle.

  2. Yoga Practice Videos - Yoga Vidya

    Marcus continuing – Meditation will help with being able to deal with these feelings. Also diet can be a factor, and if you are willing, try to reduce or eliminate meat from the diet. There are also other dietary changes that can be made but you don't want to make too many changes too fast. Good luck to you!

  3. "Pain that one thought was good going in, it may return that same pain you brought to others, as it leaves one with the reminders of what's being undone…Tom"

  4. I loved it…thought it was great…I will do again tomorrow and see how I feel…

  5. Hi, which videos would you recommend to learn basic breathing exercises?

  6. It's very nice to do Yoga daily for making healthier our life 

  7. do we practice these pranayams before or after yoga exercises?

  8. When doing anulom viloma are you supposed to breathe in with your stomach out (diaphragm) or chest? 

  9. What does it mean "focus on abdomen"? Does it mean in a physical sense, tighten it? or ..?
    thank you

  10. I love this exercise so cool the kapalabhata made my teath chater when I was done and the Aloma veloma was easy to follow. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life thank you God bless you

  11. What is your thought about kinds of meditation? if Im right this is chakra meditation. but im not really sure cause chakra compose of different colors. maybe this is different?

  12. This is an excellent video. Especially the technique to do Anulom Vilom involving the holding of the breath is a very good method, to ensure that one does not hyperventilate by doing this too fast.   From personal experience i have seen that Aulom-Vilom can bring past karma and experiences to the fore. This may even be unpleasant. Dreams involving snakes may occur….but this is merely the effect of the Nadi-Vishuddi or cleansing process.    If for example you clean you liver with supplements, if you take too many supplements too fast, you body cannot handle all the cleansing in such a short time.

    Likewise if you feel unpleasant after doing Anulom-vilom, don't stop just do less of it, or on alternate days, so that your body gradually gets used to the cleansing process. With time you'll feel much better.  

  13. Thanks to India for giving the wonderful yoga and Pranayama to the world. It has been an integral part of Indian hindu culture for thousands of years.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this video . I am hooked to this since the day I began.

  15. Agro Equipment Industries

    Thank you so much for sharing this video . I am hooked to this since the day I began.

  16. thank you soooo much , the voice is very convincing [guiding voice]

  17. .


    Can it be applied by an Asthma patient, aged 20, 7th month pregnant having Low Blood pressure ( 80/60 often ) with Polyp in her left nostril ….. ? ???


    S. Hasan, Bangladesh …


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