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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Your getting this ring I'm fasting rn each day for 1 month I'm 10 I did it last year we sat Bc God wants us to be equal with the ppl who can't eat

  2. I'm Muslim

  3. U can't eat at all

  4. Dr. Josh Axe. Sorry I mean Chiropractor Josh Axe. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. He's going to get someone hurt.

  5. I like intermitting fasting. I eat between 9 am and 5 pm. 16 hours fasting period. Feels great. Good way to prevent you from overeating.

  6. I'm on a 3 day fast right now…how soon after can I do a liver cleanse?

  7. Are you seriously a real doctor?… Is it even a medical degree?

  8. I am not a doctor. Most doctors do not know about the benefits of long term fasting. Many people have overcome many health issues from long term water fasting,(at least 21 days for any real benefits). Do not take my word for it though, just do some research on it like I did. If doctors tell you  that fasting can heal health issues, than you will not pay money to buy their drugs. again! do your own research.

  9. I've done a little bit of intermittent fasting already. Hard to do for me because I tend to eat small meals several times a day. I am very interesting in not only living longer with fasting, but the effects on human growth hormone.

  10. Why could you not intermittent fast for life? You're still getting all your nutrients, so why Not?

  11. I would be interested in the specific research studies that have informed your claim that fasting is "healthy". Unfortunately, as a researcher I have come across studies with contradictory results. For this reason, It would be beneficial to know which ones you have references and if you could speak to why you have confidence in the health merits despite these variances in research outcomes.

  12. load of crap never trust these docs cause even they wake up one day and findout they have cancer and dont know why CHECKOUT A REAL HEALER DOCTER SEBI CURED AIDS. Oh yeah F.Y.I i've been fasting for 27 days today. no food only alkaline water and herb teas im going for atleast 40 maybe longer and I feel great. my friend was sick he fasted for 6 months on only water when he was done ALL his ailments where gone. western doctors couldn't explain they said he was dying try 2 pump'm full a meds.

  13. I really love intermittent fasting. I feel so clear in my head during the fast. I start eating 6 hours after waking up. It's great!

  14. im gon try IF. but if i fast for 16hrs and my eating window is around 8hrs, between 10am-6pm. i usually train in the morning around 6.30am to 8pm my question is IF I USE MY PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT(ICE WHEY) FOR POST WORKOUT AFTER MY WORKOUT DURING THAT 30min 8am to 8.30am that does still count as fasting since im consuming calories before my eating window????????????????????????? help

  15. hey there do you think that fasting can improve my skin and skin conditions such as rosacea etc

  16. what if you Fast for three days a water diet, then after those three days, have three more days eating averagely, then the next three days Fast with water again. and make a cycle?

  17. The fact we humans are FAR MORE sick than any other animal in the wild on average means we're definitely doing something wrong. Just because we are homo sapiens doesn't mean we are these fragile little creatures who need a special sort of pill made by our hand. The medical industry exists today because of two things. One: Humans' ego to overcome Mother Nature's ways and, Two: Fear. We are the only species who go to our own species for help, a cycle (and big mistake) which started thousands of years ago and to this day has costed millions of lives. The only thing hospitals are good for is physical emergencies really. Otherwise medication as a whole is one big plain fat EVIL word. Physicians will not admit to any of this, however, as it will destroy pharmaceutical companies. I believe, without doing any in-the-dark research, that doctors are paid spokes-people for those companies. Surely, physicians are not evil little devils walking around our planet. They do try to be positive forces in our Universe. It's just that what they've learned in college is not the correct way to stay truly healthy. Medication is not the correct route. The internet and only people who believe in prolonged water-only-fasting are the only things we can research to create the highest level of health possible.

  18. Is it okay to do one year of 16/8 intermittent fasting with Sunday's off?

  19. How long should you do intermittent fasting for? By that I mean, only eat the two meals a day for a week? A month? And also, you said it's great for your hormones. Will that block DHT?

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