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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. you can function well because of cortisol levels shooting up.

  2. im gon try IF. but if i fast for 16hrs and my eating window is around 8hrs, between 10am-6pm. i usually train in the morning around 6.30am to 8pm my question is IF I USE MY PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT(ICE WHEY) FOR POST WORKOUT AFTER MY WORKOUT DURING THAT 30min 8am to 8.30am that does still count as fasting since im consuming calories before my eating window????????????????????????? help

  3. why does he speak like that

  4. Hey i'm just wondering what muscle group is mainly being used on the static hold at 6:40?

  5. I have not done a 24 or 40 hour fast, but I do skip lunch at times. I tell myself I am having "skip-o-meal" for lunch. haha sorta like malt-o-meal from the 80s. haha

  6. I would like to see a break down of how much weight was lost in fat, water and muscle. I've done 48 hrs. several times and lose 6 to 10 pds. Don't know why the difference. Probably water. Would like to know. Good video. thanks.

  7. This IF bullshit is just being hungry the whole fucking day eating less, of course you gonna loose weight

  8. what i can't understand is, why you talk like you're on drugs? It makes me think you're taking some kind of stimulant to keep you awake the whole time

  9. Lol I dont get the people who complain about his voice being "weird' it sounds normal as fuck to me, the only thing I noticed was his wide open big eyes xD. Btw, for the Lulz.. 16:07 should be a meme.

  10. He looks wired.

  11. I don't understand why you fasted and then filled yourself full of crap at the end. You said you liked clean food but was all that meat really clean? And I think I saw sausage. Fasting is good for your body if you don't undo it.

  12. This guy looks like he's eating his face when he talks.

  13. You did great, look great never mind the rude comments awesome job!

  14. good video. keep it up.

  15. I can literally see your hear beating at 18:25

  16. Hi Sweety! Aren't u a cute man, uh?!?
    Listen, no water at all on the fasting? fist time whatching this video, I'm on minite 10 and no mention of water at all! I'm fasting for a while now, didn1't know it was a method even! rsrsr I'm getting some education on the theme, but still didn't get to your level of course.
    Wanted to reply your videos on stomach vaccum to show u my progress, but didn1t find a way to do it.
    anyways, getting to know u better, but so fa so good! hheheh Keep growing, gatinho!
    Kiss from Brasil

  17. I don't trust your teeth

  18. the workout was great to watch, not too shaby considering not eating for 36 hours.

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