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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. I am on my 10 month, I am 49 years old, it is unbelievable to see, how the body at my age, is just burning fat.

    My secret, is I fast from 8 pm to 12 or 2 pm, then I eat healthy , bananas, protein. and tons of water.

    I don't watch my weight, I just go for the way I look and feel.

  2. I could benefit from having a trainer/coach.

  3. I'm a 41y/o female and I fast 19 hrs a day and have a 5 hour eating "window".   I lost most of the 20 odd pounds I wanted to lose in about 20 weeks.  So I've been eating this way for almost a year, with out any ill effects.  All the while maintaining a moderate work out schedule of lifting3x a week and cardio.  The only down side for me has been that if I try to do the small meals thing now, I instantly gain 5-7lbs even if the food is basically the same.  I actually feel better on the 19/5 schedule so thats what I do most days anyway…any way just my 2 cents…GREAT VIDEO!!!!

  4. I am a women and I never gained weight while fasting. Some women cannot fast, but if you add in a day where you have a "cheat" meal, not day. Meal up your calories that day to maintenance and you'll not have all these issues.  

  5. Hi! I'm fasting and trying to hit my calories and macros.. I got a bit scared with what you sad about most women not succeeding most of the time.. Would you recommend a not so extreme way like one day per week? I'm fasting 16 hours every day with an 8 hour window.. 

  6. Awesome Video 

  7. Metabolic Damage.  LOL

  8. It doesnt work on girls coz of hormones. It,s not too hard to understand why it works better vs calorie reduction, when u fast , your body will turn to a fat burning stove, when u eat small meals which contain high calories it doesnt achieve it as well as fasting, it.s probably the insulin spike.

  9. Hey, I need more info on female fasting. What was the book again? I follow a ketogenic lifestyle

  10. I'm 6 feet tall and my goal is 205 pounds with 10% body fat.

    6 hour eating window noon to 6. Lean meat lots of veggies and fruit. Activia and almonds here and there throughout the week. Water is a constant. Black coffee all the way. No sugar, no junk food. I take mens multivitamins after my meal and whey protein shake after my workout. Fasting of 24 hours so i don't eat until noon the next day. My daily caloric intake is 2000 on workout days and about 1500~1800 on off days.

    I run 1 mile which takes up about 8 to 9 minutes and i follow up by weight lifting for about 45 minutes. I make sure i increase the stress or the quantity of my workout every two weeks or I'll plateau even with the fasting. I'm at the gym 4 days a week.

    I weigh myself once a week on wednesdays. I started intermittent fasting and the gym membership on February 1st. weighing in at 269. When i weighed myself this Wednesday i was at 246.

    It works. If your not sick or anything everyone should give it a try. It's an amazing transition both physically, mentally and emotionally.

  11. Some of the symptoms listed at 17:3318:03 are concerning: preoccupation with food, "food warship", even the heightened sense of smell are all conditions that occur when you have an Eating Disorder. There may very well be people who are compatible with IF ….but it should be approached with EXTREME caution. It can be the start of something very menacing.

  12. You mention that some women have issues with fasting.  Are these low body fat women or moderate-high body fat women?

  13. Thank you very much for uploading this, it was surprisingly well-balanced between scientific facts and "down to earth" talk

  14. will you still burn fat if you workout within your eating window?instead of fasted?

  15. can you go into more detail WHY women may fail from IF? like the science behind the reasons please…

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