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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. what was your meal plan?

  2. u got a nice body

  3. i so agree with you

  4. Will I lose muscle doing this?

  5. Damn u were sexi even when u were heavier

  6. Longdistanceaswell

    if i ate whenever im hungry, id be eating every hour

  7. bina “lovinglife” k

    that's exactly what i do , i don't eat after 5pm and usually don't eat till about 8:30 am
    the starvation mode issue has been blown out of proportion , our Body dos not slow the Metabolism down until about 3 days of not eating for most People .you are right its all Marketing …force-feeding via industry induced over-consumption
    its actually healthier to give your body a brake from constant Insulin spikes …without restricting your calories of course

  8. You're brilliant thank you(:

  9. haahahahh you need to realize, people back than didnt have a life span of half as much as we do now, lolol so thag point is invalid

  10. This girl has no professional education at all, why should we takke advice from her?

  11. Everyone on the internet that promotes weight loss and fitness in general swears by intermittent fasting, yet I have never found a reliable source that proves that IF is actually effective at all. Every study done that I've read about just claims the people that lost weight while practicing IF were successful because of the diet/exercise, and not because of the IF.

  12. I try to do this but when I feel hungry and eat I binge so bad I can't lose any weight. If I eat before I am hungry, the same thing happens. I really don't know what to do about it. I've got already 20 kgs (50 pounds) over weight.

  13. MalaklypsetheElder

    The Bulletproof diet (Dave Asprey) and some of the paleo writers around now have the better versions of intermittent fasting, or modified caloric restriction. It's a fine practice, and as long as you are not engaged in starvation fasting, which is ridiculously stupid, and you eat some fat when you are fasting, you will be fine. When you see these diets where people are not eating anything, that's starvation ketosis, and it's not always healthy, which should be pretty obvious. There is a lot of garbage advice online now about intermittent fasting, and some of it is dangerous to say the least.

  14. MalaklypsetheElder

    Your advice to eat when you are hungry is very good advice by the way, I wasn't so much criticizing your video, but had some comments on people's misconceptions about keto, fasting etc.

  15. how do you intermittent fasting 16/8 does the sleeping part of the fasting part count or what order does it go in?????

  16. I wouldn't say "IF = quick weight loss" that's slightly misleading.

  17. I noticed you said its not good to eat right before bed and i would be interested in seeing a video on this because i've heard that eating before bed is fine, but i've also heard otherwise. I just can never figure it out!

  18. love your path. about eating

  19. Please tell me you know this isn't an American problem.. The British have the same fat problems, as well as many Hispanic populations outside of the U.S.

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