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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. 16-8 and 18-6 are for pussies!!!! Man the fuck up and try 23-1 like I do everyday till the day I die!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  2. Intermittent Fasting does not mean "not worrying about or not counting calories". I'm not sure where you got that information from. In fact, counting calories and absolutely nailing your macros is fundamental in IF!

  3. I work out around noon everyday what should I have directly in the morning so I can make it to noon? I wake up around 8 or 9. I'm not a coffee type person either. Energy drinks? 5 hour energy? Serious question if someone could offer me some advice!

  4. The audio is terrible on top of him talking too fast in a disorganized organic approach. The info could be good but I couldn't get though it.

  5. I'm 65, have always been healthy until I had bloating even in the morn. So my son told to check out IF. I said "no way." But being desperate I took his advice and after 3 mo. my stomach is flat and I've been fasting ever since (2 yrs). I did switch to what I call modified intermittent fasting, as I have a multi herbal drink with lime cinnamon (takes away any bad taste) with L-Arginine and ginger) and then a strained leafy green drink with fresh lime in the morn. Sometimes I drink the juice of a young coconut with maybe organic strawberries. This is so easy. I weigh the same as when I was 21, 121lb. I also don't feel any different than when I was 21, and I'm still strong – lift weights, do qi gong etc. etc.

  6. I guess intermittent fasting is good just coz u eat less. Coz losing fat is mostly just burning more calories than you eat. All those diets just over implicate things and give people false hope that they can lose weight without trying. But I think intermittent fasting is great

  7. 6:26… Where is the proof to back up that statement? I have read scientific studies which demonstrate that I.F. causes animals to lose weight, all things else being constant.

  8. Mike Mathews should have like over 2 million subscribers! He literally has everything u need to know to get jacked, its a shame how 99% people will never find guys like this on YouTube, they'll just waste their time and money on "six pack shortcuts" or some shit…

  9. I noticed that with IF the way i felt in the fastened state changed drastically. My energy levels were constant, not up and down like when i eat normally… and i feel like i'm more alert to everything.. is this normal?

  10. A lot of personal testimonials will actually refute some of the things you say in this video bro.

  11. I've never heard anyone of the myths he presented with IF. I just started IF 2 months ago and I've lost 25-30 lbs. The three channels I learned about IF from all said it was a tool to be added to the deficit, macro balance and training. Good video… I suppose I just haven't heard these yet.

  12. IF is a tool, it teaches you that meal frequency not that important and gives you more flexibility. Everybody already does IF, unless you wake up several times during the night to eat. So we all fast for 12h every day, IF just teaches us that it is also ok to fast for 16, 20 and even 24 hours.

    Als one of the biggest day to day advantages of IF is not mentioned in the video: It allows you to eat huge meals and still be in a deficit.

  13. Sorry about your audio. By other hand, the content is effective.

  14. I noticed many folks doing IF are also following a low-carb diet… Is this necessary to reap the benefits of IF?

  15. I'm choosing Kinobody over Mike Matthews because Greg dresses respectably. Mike only knows tank tops and baseball caps 'frat backwards'

  16. Fitnessforfealt Gaming (Chayon)

    What you said is right Mike
    I read 3 books of yours. They are fantastic.
    However, I do find IF work as well. Now I'm combine what you have taught (caloric deficit) me in your book and IF. I've tried both separately but when I combine it together. I find it's better though. I think IF work and caloric deficit work as well. I just wanna tell you my experience. I've learned a lot from your books and your videos. Good work
    Thank you for information :D

  17. This is the difference between paleo diet fasting vs these fad diet fasting. Paleo diet is sustainable and I have followed it since 2010 to great success. Intermittent fasting is what ancient people did in daily life. Also lifting is okay while fasting. Just don't do something like cross fit while fasting, but heavy lifting with rests is ok.

  18. good vid

  19. I've trained in a fasted state for years and I have lots of energy. I disagree with you when you say it's not a good idea to do that

  20. Very well explained video!! thanks for sharing this info!! suscribed!!

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