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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. man i gotta with them one day

  2. 16 hours is easy though. I like 18/6

  3. wonder who would win in a fight

  4. will I see results if I do intermittent fasting without working out / going to the gym?

  5. I have a question do you still have to count your calories when your doing intermittent fasting?

  6. You know what's better than cutting on if? Bulking on if

  7. what to do with post workout shake if you are going to the gym at 8pm, but you started your 16h fast at 6pm? should you drink it or not because it is a hell lot of time till 10am in the next day.

  8. my cutting diet today:
    3 scoops of bulk nutrients thermo whey
    2 scoops of bulk nutrients whey protein isolate
    2 sugar free cans of mother energy drink 500ml
    4 litres of water (probably more actually)
    intermittent fasted for 23 hours (1 hour eating window)
    3 hour slow to steady paced walk

    started cutting fat at weight 95.8kg
    current wight 83.7 kg
    total cutting days = 34 days
    total weight loss including muscle glycogen = 12.1 kg

    note: this diet is not my typical day to day one but it shreds fat like a beast. :)
    I normally replace the protein with a single chicken breast and broccoli or any other lean meat.
    If you are wondering about muscle loss, well I have plenty of gains to loose if I do loose some muscle, but i can live with that as my need to cut fat is currently more important to me than muscle loss. I DO NOT recommend this diet to anyone as I am highly aware of how fucked up it is.

    Thanks for reading :)

  9. how do you sustain your body from feeling fatigue light headed /weak and hungry from lack of nutrition from the long time gap of eating. if I miss a meal my head starts to hurt and if I try doing an exercise like squats I get light headed. tf man tell me your secret I wanna learn so I can get rid of this fat on my waist while not doing cardio or do I need to do cardio on this process?

  10. You're cutting all kindz of fat. Lol

  11. These men are just yummy!! A touch arrogant, but own that shit…don't allow anyone to take your confidence. Day 5 of IF.. 3 lbs so far…let's go!!!

  12. BCAAs will take you out of your fast and also using them during fat loss is not optimal

  13. All kinds of emails

  14. Forensic Files rules!

  15. All kinds of hodgetwins product placement….

  16. Jakub Kowalski Ⓥ

    you should be selling BBCAA

  17. Wtf? Yall started again with the fasting channel?! NICE!

  18. Im surprised this hasnt been addressed:

    Dont you twins get bad breath from doing intermittent fasting? I get nasty ass breath from not having anything in my stomach for a long period of time.

  19. Hodgetwins I appreciate your help and advice on intermittent fasting. I'm currently doing the 20 hr 4 hr Intermittent fasting. This works wonders for me. And I'm still getting one buttermilk biscuit /with a 4pc Popeye chicken dinner.

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