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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Can you IF so that you don't eat breakfast till later in the day because I like to eat more at night?

  2. Great Video Kara!

  3. She's gorgeous.

  4. As I understand it, even after 12 hours the body is still able to draw energy from stored glucose in the liver? These reserves last up to 3 days. The body does what it can to preserve its fat reserves.

  5. Good video! I think I'm going to try it a couple times a week maybe 4 days out of 7. Hopefully that'll be okay!

  6. I love IF! Have been doing it on/off for about 5 years now! Great video & I'm so glad that it is becoming more mainstream.

  7. I work out early am fasted, 6:45am-8am. I usually eat my last meal the night prior around 6:30pm, eat my first meal at 8:30am or so. Not a strict 8 hour eat, 16 hour fast but have noticed that my body has adjusted to that food schedule and I maintain a fairly lean structure without likely having my macros as low if I ate over a full day. While I am not cutting yet since I am well over 16 wks out from show day, I think I would have to look at a slightly different schedule. I too work a "normal" 8:30am-5 day, I think I would have to excuse myself at dinner time and that could be hard since I am the preparer of my family's meals. May give this a try, great advice

  8. Thanks for sharing all the tips but is too long ….too much time

  9. There is also a hightened amount of growth hormone during the fasted state. It aids in fat burning. I have been doing it again for a month and losing about 1/2 lb per week on about a 300 calorie deficit. I work out during my fast on the last hour. I do eight hour windows. I find that lifting strength doesn't move ahead, but doesn't go backwards either. I cheat once a week and take in as much as I want in my eight hour window; usually about 300 calories over my maintenance. I haven't experienced any energy losses throughout the day. I've noticed in the past that too much coffee slows down weight loss. I will have only one coffee before my workout (there's no calories in black coffee).

  10. too sweet blogger :)

  11. Thanks for this video .
    Really helps and educational

  12. IM is also very healthy.

  13. This is something I've read quite a lot about and now practice quite often, this is what I believe based on what I've read and tried, I hope it helps in your goal: Firstly, there should be no pre workout, the benefits come from working out completely fasted! secondly you should eat directly after the workout, we've all heard this from the "normal" bodybuilding community (and this does include the IFBB (I think it is) bikini championships so its not just all about muscles) but with the fasted workout, eating as much, and more so as Soon after the workout will give the extra benefits… and doing weights rather than cardio is the way to go, for several reasons but one that struck me is the insulin resistance benefits, which also have a knock on effect with muscle quality and recovery, the benefits multiply!
    Directly after the workout should be a protein shake or/and what ever supplements you might take, and as soon after that should be a good natural source of nutrient and real quality protein, maybe fillet steak, chicken breast (farm only of course!), and a very low cooked assortment of veggies including a high amount of greens like spinach.
    A point I do like to mention is I never ever count calories, to keep the body I'm pretty happy with I do have to eat more!… There is 1 main reason for this that most people can adopt for a better life, I eat very clean! and when I say clean, I don't mean the bodybuilding version of the word (low fat), I mean the "food" version of the word (low processed)… that means, and certainly exadurates, NO grain or grain products, or any products! Only fruit n veg (whole….and cooked as absolute minimum as possible!), and only animal products from locally farm raised animals (no bovine drugs, gmo animal feed, no animal growth hormone, no cattle strength antibiotics), so no supermarket milk, meat or eggs. Do all this and include the same attitude to drinks (try kale and your favourite fruit smoothies) then you'll find fasting extremely easy… and your body will get used to a fasting workout after a couple of weeks of very healthy eating… and one last thing I remember, don't be afraid of fats if your eating super healthy!
    hope even a part of this helps,
    Pete, 65kg (only 5'6), deadlift 100kg, body fat under 11%

    41 years old….

    …..gym frequently……… twice a week!!!!

  14. you remind me of taissa farminga or whatever her name is

  15. "Why Fasting Bolsters Brain Power: Mark Mattson at TED Talks John Hopkins University

  16. how do you do the 16/8 intermittent fasting is it 16 hours after you wake up or does the sleeping time count as fasting???

  17. Thank you +Kara corey fit life that really helped for your time

  18. Literally you're like Carrie Bradshaw of the fitness world!

  19. Great Info ! You look amazing this is so inspirational.

  20. Tridama Vengadesvararao

    Hi everyone,
    I have a question on intermittent fasting:
    Can I increase my eating window as long as my fasting stays the same?
    Will it still burn fat?
    For example if I eat my last meal at 8pm and the next day I dont eat until 12am it makes 16 hours of fast and then I eat from 12am to 10pm which is 10 hour eatting window and I wont eat till 2 pm of the next day which is still 16 hours fast.

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