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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. what's herbal tea?

  2. Great video. How often can a person do intense cardio work outs in a week. I have been working on losing weight and have been successful working out 6 days a week however I am always exhausted. I am starting to mix it up with cardio/kundalini yoga/kettlebells but the weightloss has slowed down.

  3. I should up my game with doing 5:2 (Ponders on it for a bit…)

    Anyway, I have pre-ordered your book on iTunes/iBooks (I'm really looking forward to it, by the way), can I still get the bonus content? (You don't get a receipt when you pre-order stuff on iTunes so there is no receipt number to enter on your website!)

  4. Very informative video thanks Yuri!

  5. Very interesting information Yuri. What if I train in the evening and usually eat my post workout meal later at night? Say 11pm? I train in the evening cause I work and family commitments. Do I not eat after I train and just go to bed?

  6. today's video is why I still follow you. I purchased your book when it first came out. Thank you for all the excellent information. You are a Godsend!!

  7. How about one large meal/feed a day? Make life so much easier if you could adapt to it.

  8. Hi Yuri, I would be really interested in hearing what you have to say about Dave Asprey and his work (the Bulletproof diet and Bulletproof fasting).

  9. hi yuri. What do you think of doing intermittent fasting everyday (skipping breakfast) ? Greg from kinobody does this. Is this good or bad and why. Thanks a lot Yuri.

  10. Hi Yuri, Would it matter if one adds some organic apple cider vinegar to the water during the fast?

  11. yuri!!I am manu,25f from india. I discovered your channel quite a few weeks ago.I was having 6 meals per day to lose weight,,however instead if losing weight I was gaining and coudnt figure out what was wrong.however your videos on intermittent fasting made rhe most sense of any diet video I ever watched,,, I have already lost 3 kg in a week now and just want to thank you for making all your lovley are my fitness guru!!!
    you are awesome:)

  12. Hey man I starting intermittent fasting every day 18 hour fast 6 hour eating window it's going pretty well. My mom came home with pizza so I broke my fast before bed lol I feel so guilty. But this won't happen again. I think I'll try a 24 hour fast one day a week

  13. Glad herbal tea is okay 😀 I drank some last night that helped me get through it.

  14. Chewing gums helps with the whole fasting process lol :)

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