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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Its said one should balance their macro intake what that does mean? Is it about only calories or nutrition value for example % of protein and carbohydrates. And can i take supplements during fasting hours?
    Thank you for this lovely video :)

  2. I fast for 14 hrs every day and 24 hrs on Sunday.  I'm on 3rd shift so my sleep is all messed up.  That's the last piece for better health for me.  Trying to get on 1st shift so I can get good sleep and a better workout schedule.  

  3. Can you fast for 40 days if your pre-diabetic

  4. There is something that isn't completely clear to me. If I consume the exact same amount of calories in 8 hours, as opposed to spreading them out during the day, do I still get health benefits from fasting? An answer would be appreciated.

  5. Great presentation Vikki but would be good if you flagged up some slides to summarise what you are saying from time to time. Just my preference but helps with visually memorising what you say as well as just hearing it. 

  6. I wish there were more doctors like you talking about the important benefits of intermittent fasting.  The body repairs itself when not digesting food and this is how we keep young and healthy.  Typically I now eat twice a day and couple times a week just one meal and I have never felt so good, fasting is the number 1 thing we can do to improve our overall physical and mental health along with high intensity 30 second sprint workouts lasting for 10 minutes or so 2 – 3 times a week

  7. I am interested in the thread on whether women are good candidates for intermittent fasting.  Someone else mentioned this and I was wondering whether his opinion that often they were not was based to a large degree that minimum fat for a woman is probably in the 12% range vs 5% per guys (as in minimum below which you should have medical monitoring).  Did you find this to be the case, and can intermittent fasting be recommended for women who are comfortable with it and in the 20% and up range?

  8. My fasting window is approx. 6pm to 11am. But my carbs are only between 4pm-6pm. Train 6am. Works well! :)

  9. I m a diabetic going five yrs,female 47, I m.doing intermittent fasting but the 45 minutes of exercise I m not sure about …seems a bit too much for me….is that a correct length of time for me or for diabetics? 

  10. aliciaelporve12646

    I have been doing 19/5 and on the weekend 24 only if I can, but I haven't been doing this with an empty stomach, so I have been maintaining my weight, so the question is this, should I eat carbs? Can you play with the hours? I eat protein and fats about 1500 to 1800 sometimes, but there are days where I feel a little weak, is it OK to eat carbs like sweep potato or jams? Should I count calories? 

  11. Doctor, does the level of ketones when we are fasting affects the kidney in negative way? 

  12. I eat very light breakfast and very light dinner (200 and 300 calories). 
    For lunch I eat a strong meal (1200+ calories). 
    Does this count as some kind fasting?

  13. Hello Dr. Petersen.Just wondering, why were you diabetic at such an early age of 20? I have always struggled with weight and I had symptoms of this dreaded disease. Started  IF last year  around October and after a 30 lbs. weight loss I have regained my health. Do you recommend IF as a lifestyle change? Is fasting sustainable over a long period of time?

  14. 12/13 hours barely qualifies as intermittent fasting…more like 16/8 or even 18/6

  15. levi tubo.get your self on the brown rice very nutrition & great for diabetes.

  16. hello Dr. i work 11pm to 7am go to gym around 830am how would i work Intermittent fasting around my work schedule

  17. Dr. Peterson, I am active, non-diabetic with peripheral neuropathy in leg and vertebral arterial stenosis possibly causing my recent onset of disequilibrium. I am hoping to regain my coordination so I can play sports. Could intermittent fasting be helpful? Is coffee ok for breakfast instead of water? Thanks.

  18. Great video:)

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