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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Hugh Jackman uses IF to prepare himself for Wolverine role, and you know what he looks like in those movies.

  2. Brad from eat stop eat and Martin from Leangains… both have built and sustained mass while fasting. 

  3. Has anyone tried Transformix and had successful results?

  4. I was watching another video you have and saw you making bison. You should get a pressure cooker. The people in my family who hunt use them to cook venison and bison.

  5. all kindzzz of sound advice, Jerry… ALL KINDZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  6. how many calories are there in cum? How did you get so ripped on an abundance of eating cum? or did you slow it down during your cut? thanks in advance 


  7. Jerry I m reaching out to you on a non fitness level! Please a share this Article. It is regarding the closing of a center for medically fragile children in the state of ga!

    Thank you for your time

  8. The Angry Canadian

    You are awesome Jerry, you always have great advice.  lol I was waiting for Bruno to walk in and you look at him "Hey Bruno, you pissed off about intermittent fasting? yeah me too." Great advice from a wonderful person, keep it up :)

  9. What happened to the GIFD sign on the map?

  10. Now I for sure have bulked like crazy on IF (I can eat tons more calls) however I was on a cycle of test. But I do believe whatever works "enhanced" will also work to a smaller degree naturally. That's just my.02. I prefer fasting for sure I'm just now at the point to where I can't eat enough calls try grow in a eating window. 

  11. Ps I am 5 9' 210 and about 190 on stage very shredded national MP competitor. I do go flat pretty easy though and this happens quick when I fast. Hope this helps at all. Jerry I'd be interested in what you think based on my comments. I put on almost all of my size fasting and maybe I have genetics to grow easier when I eat enough but I am a super hard gainer. Graduated hs at 123 lbs 

  12. Just eat enough calories, IF or 6 meals a day just eat enough food to train and program your workout correctly and you will go. I think a lot of people who start IF under eat and end up in a lower deficit. I have been doing a 16 hour fast, 8 hour window of eating for 3 years and leaned out, gained muscle, and strength went through the roof. It was all about my programming and eating enough good food.

  13. I've used IF on and off over the past year. Over that time period I've lost 30lbs, sculpted up, gained strength on all lifts, and gained running speed. Everyone is different and it worked alright for me. 

  14. +bios3training  Thanks for the video Jerry! Great tips. Btw regarding the timings they are because I've read here and there that sleeping counts as fasting so that's why I start eating 1 and quarter hours after gym till 5 hours later (5 hour feeding window) and then fast till next day

  15. Ive been fasting 17 hours a day for 5 years now and I have gained about 28 lbs of muscle so far. Bulking and Cutting using IF. However I am not a hard gainer. Ive always built muscle well. Could I build muscle faster by not fasting? Yes I think I would gain faster without fasting, But I love feeling amazing when I fast and I love eating large amounts of food in a short period of time, Feels like every day is a cheat day when I fast.

  16. I lost over 4 stone with intermittent fasting (documented on my dom bower exercise channel) and got stronger and bigger muscles. Regularly did 36hour fasts
    But it is difficult and not eating can get boring. But working out fasted had no detrimental effects.
    Maybe it's just my genetics 

  17. IF works for me I must add I do freeletics eating before doing this exercise makes u want to barf…. it's not rare to burp up water on an empty stomach while doing these from time to time.

  18. 3:30 I love that face, i always laugh when I see it. Thanks for the videos Jerry they are very instructional and help alot!!! have a good day :)

  19. Rich Ping Pong is my favorite natural Asian past time.

  20. ❤️ this guy

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