Improved Gout Diagnosis in the Absence of Arthrocentesis

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In the current study, patients with monoarthritis (n = 390) were first diagnosed according to the diagnostic rule, and then their joint fluid was aspirated and analyzed for the presence of monosodium urate crystals. Patients were followed for up to 17 …
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Study Proposes Prevailing Features of Gout
Joint erythema, difficulty walking, and tophus were some of the key features that discriminated between gout and non-gout. Note that other … All patients underwent arthrocentesis or tissue/tophus aspiration for polarizing microscopy to identify MSU …
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Most Hospitalizations for Gout Are Preventable
BOSTON — Inefficient or inadequate clinical care led to unnecessary hospitalizations in 89% of patients with gout, according to a retrospective review conducted at the Geisinger Health System in Central Pennsylvania. "Most of these hospitalizations …
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Gout Patients Wind up in the Hospital Unnecessarily
One-third of the patients underwent arthrocentesis, 24 of which took place in the emergency department. … We should be able to do that more quickly with joint aspiration and analysis of the aspirate to see if crystals or pathogens are present," he said.
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