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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. I just saw the new Star Wars movie…. ITS A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT ITS WORSE THEN THE PREQUALS

  2. This podcast is great. I just listen to the commentary and arguments in the lets plays, and this is like that but without the gameplay.

  3. Kind of agree Unity wasn't the best AC game. However, I really enjoyed Syndicate, even though I was kind of weary of it (despite how much I love AC).

  4. I love Michael's Digimon explanations. I've never met someone else as nostalgic about that show as I am.

  5. Awww Geoff is sad :(((((

  6. RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your my favorite!!!

  7. Fun fact: 0.914 is the highest recorded BAC that someone didn't die from. That doesn't mean go drink that much, but it's possible.

  8. 5 minutes in, already Hitler vs. Jack Daniels… This is going to be a great two hours

  9. Sexual Harassment Panda

    I would love to replace Ryan but I'm 15

  10. This is a good podcast

  11. If you need someone to replace ryan you just need to ask for my CV. I could really use a job :L

  12. Jack coming in during the middle of it was the highlight of this entire podcast.

  13. haha "eat a sandwich"

  14. I have curly hair and it is FAR from stuck to my head.  Half, if not more, is gone.

  15. If they don't want that XBOX, I'll take it.

  16. That Ezra from LA that runs the company who bought RT sounds like a very unpleasant person, I bet he runs RT into the ground as they've already had quality slip since they sold out to that company.

  17. those watches are ugly ass shit

  18. They need to talk about the whole "1 billion lions vs. all of the Pokemon" thing.

  19. I feel like Ray would be so funny on off topic

  20. I know someone that was there when that story that Geoff told about the Bradley crushing the soldier

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