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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. Geovani dos Santos

    Extraordinary technical!

  2. Once I lose my sleep its almost impossible to fall, the more I think that I have to sleep the harder to fall, pills just make me anxious

  3. what if you're Voldemort?

  4. Reversal | Boom Beach & Clash Of Clans

    Well then, I'm about to hit bed so time to try this out, I'll report next thing in the morning :)

  5. This shit does not work. I advice you to not waste your time.

  6. Anybody knows what's the song's name of the beginning of the video?

  7. Doesn't work for me ;)

  8. Fell asleep watching this

  9. I thought each was seconds. I've been doing them 4 seconds breathing in through the nose, 7 seconds hold and 8 seconds exhaling through the mouth.

  10. His seconds are 2x faster than a regular second, and why he always skip the first second?

  11. Thanks, I fell a sleep on the crapper.

  12. Love this !

  13. usted es un heroe

  14. Charles Jones (ArcticfrostNK)

    shit, i farted myself awake, now i have to start all over again!!!

  15. I just don't get it…. are you supposed to make a strong whoosh sound and still manage to have anything left to exhale for the count of 8?……

  16. Actually worked ! Thank you

  17. By breathing out good chunks of CO2, the body releases acid, which deacidfies the body. Otherwise the organism has to make "debts" on the body, by taking alkaline minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium out of the bones and muscles to stabalize the pH-value of the blood. The lack of those alkaline minerals lead to depression, loss of energy, nervosity etc.

  18. Thanks doctor

  19. the fact is breathing let you control your emotion, give you a positive mind, prevent cancer, and keep you long life and late to get old

  20. how do you count the seconds to hold while doing it without interrupting your focus?

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