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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. Sabbra Cadabra ♡

    I've been advanced for a while, without meditating. I use to meditate when I was younger, but I know why I'm advanced at my age, I do recommend people reading the book called "meditations by Marcus a" 

  2. Leo, what do you think about guided meditation? I started recently the practice of meditation and I find it easier listening to someone telling me what to do or just even having a background music or noise such as running water, so my mind can focus on something abstract and peaceful. Is it that cheating? I followed the guided meditation on one of your enlightenment videos and I reached an state that I've never experienced before. So is it this a good technique for getting started or should I always do it by myself?

  3. Good video Leo.

    What's your take on guided vs non-guided meditation?Open or closed eyes?which is better?Please do a vid on that.

  4. When i meditate and reach a certain relaxation point, i tend to hear this kind of sound in my head, it's like that "binaural" stuff  and it's only one note/pitch. Do you have any ideea of what is that? Thanks. :)

  5. Thank you sir , your methods have helped me through tough times, especially through my mothers battle with breast cancer, what you do is important..

  6. Hey Leo, I have this amazing ability of being able to sit in a room for 20 minutes and literally think about nothing and just experience. Its really annoying because I have nothing to observe apart from physical sense, I can't develop my ability to identify thoughts and what they are made of in the time effectively, do you believe it would be beneficial for me to deliberately think of something so I can observe it?

  7. Do you recommend reciting mantras when meditating to help clear the mind?

  8. what are your thoughts on using meditation music? is it beneficial, or better in silence?

  9. Leo for President! ∆

  10. Awareness? i have to dig into it


  12. l love waching your videos to improve my listening skills

  13. If anybody needs notes, here is what I condensed down:

    How to Meditate Deeper (Instructions) —

    Stage 1 (Basic) — Simple Observation:

    #1 Sit down
    #2 Open/Close eyes
    #3 Let mind wander (“Allow Everything to happen”)
    #4 Observe thoughts

    Stage 2 (Intermediate) — Active Detachment:

    #1 Sit down
    #2 Actively release every thought that enters your mind (“Let it go”)

    Stage 3 (Advanced) — Awareness Focus:

    #1 Sit down
    #2 Put your awareness on awareness itself
    #3 Ask Question (“What is awareness?”)


    #1 You cannot control your thoughts
    #2 Meditation will not be calm and peaceful for beginners
    #3 Use a timer during meditation sessions
    #4 You do not have power to stop your thoughts
    #5 Stop resisting thoughts that arise
    #6 Meditation is not daydreaming, it is observation
    #7 Meditate when you are at your peak of mental clarity for the day
    #8 Accept the present moment and literally everything that is happening now (accept the positive and negative of the moment).
    #9 Stop trying to get anywhere (short-term): Set long-term goals instead (enlightenment, peace, etc.)
    #10 Allow, and be ready for bad days of meditation.

  14. hey leo
    I want to know that can we do two techniques of meditation per day. I am actually right now doing the 'stage 2' meditation in the morning for half an hour and I am thinking of adding 'do nothing' technique in the evening. can we do that?

  15. thanks bro, very helpful

  16. Leo: Video idea — "A Closer Look Into Awareness." :)

  17. swag

  18. hey leo, thanks for your video :-) can you explain why you list not using a timer as a mistake? sometimes I'm in a good meditation and want to meditate 2,3 min longer, but then the timer disrupts me. I like to time my meditation myself and sometimes its a little longer or shorter than 20 min. do you think that's a mistake?

  19. how do i reprogram my subconscious mind to stop controlling my breathing?

  20. That is great …if you get stuck at stage 2 try and say 123 no thought 4 and extend length of thought free time…..
    Great ideas dr b

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