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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if someone could tell me what to do with my calories if im at the "skinny fat" stage. Should i be in a surplus so i can build muscle and get bigger or should i be in a deficit to burn fat and then work on getting bigger?

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  3. Answered a lot of my questions about the troubles I have been having with intermittent fasting… GREAT VIDEO

  4. when would you usually end your feeding period? a certain amount of hours before sleeping or do you end the feeding whenever you hit calories?

  5. So does IF elevate insulin levels or just make you more insulin sensitive?

  6. I'd bet you don't do it by eating a grilled cheese like I just did… Fml…

  7. The only way I was able to IF was to totally quit coffe. And as my coffee used to be mixed with some pasteurized milk, I've got rid of half of a cup of chemical unhealthy components.

  8. Prabha Devi Shrestha

    excellent tips for fasting

  9. I do the exact same thing as you, except I reverse it. I eat whatever I want for breakfast and lunch, and then I eat a very small dinner or skip dinner completely. So sometimes I eat lunch around 3, then I won't eat again until the next day around 7am or so. So it's a 16 hour fast sometimes. I just came up with it myself, it was just what worked best for me so I stuck with it.

  10. Ok you had me until you said you break your fast with burgers and chocolate…… I fast nearly daily, and I like to break my fast with something high in nutrition. Kale, avocado, sprouted lentils, sweet potato's, ect. If what you eat becomes you, and that is all your body has to work with to build a strong body, I would not want to shove junk down my throat. But hey, to each their own right? Thanks for the other information, and you do a great job freestyle speaking ;)

  11. What if I'm skinny fat and have a laborious 40hour a week job? I'm already skinny, is this for me? And then what about the calorie and macros, is there any real calorie counting with this or just listening to your body? I want to try this but I just want to make sure I'm doing it right.

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  16. 05:55 i would recommend Stinging Nettle leaf infusions rather than just drinking sparkling water. It contains no calories and is extremely high in minerals.

  17. This is excellent but I hate coffee personally. Gives me headaches. Anyone have a substitute? Would tea work?

  18. have you ever considered pairing this fasting with the neurogenesis diet?

  19. Everything sounds brilliant the only thing im questioning is how do you get enough protein in the window because some places say that your body only absorbs a certain amount from each meal?

  20. Do you fast every day ? Does your body, at a certain point, adapts to it and therefore you have to fast for longer periods of time?

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