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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. <lightheaded

  2. Thank you for helping deep breathing 

  3. Harry Does Gaming8400

    thanx rick you helped me on yoga☺

  4. Yahs Armored Saint

    thanks for sharing brother. i just recently learned im a shallow breather but i will definatly be using this exercise. God bless

  5. This is good for my stress, I copied you and when I exhaled, I couldn't stop laugh. It's kind a funny!

  6. With respect, Pastor…this is way too much tension to do deep breathing under.  This will cause blood to pool up in your shoulders, neck and face (which is why you're turning red in the video).
    Very dangerous for people with hypertension.  

    I support you trying to help others, but this is no good, sir.

  7. I have used it for over a week now and it helped me tremendously, a real change within a short time in all levels: training, normal activity… I recommend people to try it and see if it works for them. it did for me!!

  8. I almost passed out just watching this video.

  9. The human body is delicate and has to be handled in a delicate way. The breathing you recommend may be erroneous. You have to inhale slowly until your lungs are completely full. You have to exhale very slowly, extremely slowly. You put a ratio of 1:2 or 1:1.5 or at least 1:1 for beginners; the exhale must always be longer than the inhale. Inhale is 1 and exhale is 1, 1.5 or 2. It is about how many breaths you take a minute. You either count all the inhales only or exhales only. Do not count inhale and exhale. Under normal circumstances I take about 20-25 inhales per minute. When I do deep breathing exercises, I do about 10 or 11 inhales per minute. REMEMBER,  EXHALES ARE ALWAYS LONGER THAN INHALE. In inhale you take in oxygen/purity, and during exhale you expel carbon dioxide/impurity. You want to expel carbon dioxide/impurity and therefore exhale slowly and as long as possible. If you exhale fast, then some carbon dioxide will remain in your system. It is all about purity and impurity. You inhale purity and exhale impurity.
    Slowly your body will re-wire itself, and you will breathe less and less per minute; and this will become your norm. This is good. The more you breathe per minute the shorter you live. The less you breathe per minute, the longer you live. The dog does rapid breathing and lives for about 15 years. Turtles can live for 250 to 300 years. Now you know why.
    I am trying to add Tai Chi dance to deep breathing. I don’t think that sitting cross legged and motionless and doing deep breathing is a good idea. We need to move a little. So we have slow motion Tai Chi dance together with slow deep breathing

  10. – yes,but the danger of Hyperventilation…

  11. Thank you it's helping I'm going to start doing this every day

  12. Love love your channel! <3 (:

  13. AugustDefedstration

    WOW THIS REALLY HELPED ME! no wtf who doesn't get how breathing works????

  14. thanks for the insight man…

  15. Thank you for provoiding the most effective way of bteathing

  16. wow, it actually works

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