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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Prameshwor Sapkota

    Hey YouTubers, have you discovered Lean Body Blaster? (Google it) You will learn about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Lean Body Blaster, you will discover how to burn calories quickly.

  2. You go girl! Hell yeah! :)

  3. Chemotherapy is proven to be 97% ineffective and can cause cancer.

  4. Have you seen Fat Blast Blueprint? (Go google it) It is a quick way for you to shed pounds fast.

  5. Good for you. But you should have never taken chemo. Period. Your body can heal itself if properly fed. I speak from knowledge. Good luck to you.

  6. Christina, I dont think there is any word in any language that can describe your braveness. I mean I am totally speechless. I know people usually hide their disease not say it in public. but you are extraordinary. I am struggling with weightless not cancer. and I have been struggling for 3 years now. But one of the books I ordered on you might want to take a look at, its called the Gerson Therapy. I will say no more on this, except search it and read about it. all the best!!!

  7. Just thinking of you!!! Sending you prayers

  8. moafensteinemily1d

    @StarFlower99654 good luck with ur anemia… I've had it all my life. Its never bothered me luckily, but eat spinach!! It helps u hold more iron!

  9. Also for your 72 hour and 24 hour fast could you have juice diluted with water? I also had no vomiting with chemo. one good thing:)

  10. Christina did you ever have damage from chemo leakage into tissue of skin?

  11. I hated the steroids cause you can not sleep on them and the shot to boost white blood cells caused some bad bone pain, so with oral chemo all this isnt needed

  12. So how are you doing now? Will you start the reconstruction process soon and what type will you have done?

  13. Hey Love. Have you ever heard about the "Gerson Healing" concerning cancer?

  14. Have you heard of healing cancer with hemp oil? I really admire and respect you and hope that you have a long healthy, happy, peaceful life.

  15. MMS by Jim Humble with remove all forms of cancer in a few weeks. Also yoube a guy by the name of Bob Beck or Robert C beck. :)

  16. '' Fast and you will be healthy '' Prophet Muhammad

    we muslims fast one month a year during the day without drinking even water.

    A new study suggests that fasting reorganizes cells & put them in a protective mood . meanwhile cancer cells can't resist to this harsh condition :


  17. Christina u look gr8, I'm so glad u did the chemo – I did 5fu for two months & after the cancer metastasized I did 10 months of fol fox – oxaliplaton is the main ingredient… I fasted also, I had horrible side affects & nearly passed from allergic reactions twice but I did survive stage IV metastatic cancer & I saw similar shrinkage in the met stat in my groin & stomach – just knowing I was active in the fight was huge & I also cut myself off from everyone, my relationship ended but I am alive

  18. thank you for doing this post!  great information. I have triple negative breast cancer and cancer in my sternum.  I just finished 6 treatments of chemo with the strongest cocktail they have. I drank atleast 3 liters of alkaline water pH 9.5 from trader's joes every day. I did not fast, but I did cut out all sugar… anything white:  rice, bread, dairy, potato… I did loose my hair, and did get tired but I did not cut myself off from everyone.  I couldn't do that.  I am a people person, I probably would have gone through a mental break down.  I do think that this and all the prayers helped me do so well with the chemo treatment. 
    I have had a mastectomy and now getting ready for the radiation therapy.
    thank you for all your posts! 
    I pray that you are doing well!

  19. Thank you so much I'm just about to start chemo post lumpectamy…and I am dreading it…this has been very helpful and all the best to your continued recovery xx ;-)

  20. THANK YOU    YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.   I just found out my breast cancer came back.   I will see my surgeon on the 30th of this month     I has been a roll coaster ride  this weekend.     Fasting   as in water only????  no food????

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