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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. Truth about Cancer! It works like this, if you have a injury internally or externally the Mitochondrial DNA gives the signal to the DNA to replicate good cell that have been damage, but if there is no damage then the DNA just makes copies of that cells thinking that there is damage but keeps going on and on that is what we call "Cancer"! Now what has been proven to work! B17 in Apricot seeds and Apple seeds have this enzyme and once you chew 2 or 3 of these seeds it releases compounds that essentially creates Apoptosis! Apoptosis tells DNA STOP CREATING THESE CELLS! Now we know how to stop the multiplying and stop the Metastasis of cells but how do we reconnect the frequency of communication between the Mitochondrial DNA and DNA to bring good health and balance? We can drink Essiac daily as recommended or Chaga or Licorice Root, Polygonum multiflorum or (Ormus, a.k.a Monatomic Gold ), these heal DNA and establish communication with the Mitochondria DNA and DNA once again

  2. and i thought metastasis was just the cheap colombian breaking bad ripoff 

  3. Very informative. Thanks. 

  4. Natalie Del Grande

    So informational. Such a interesting video!

  5. Cancer is an awful thing that can affect anyone. Young, old, good, or bad. My family isn't the kind of people to ask for help, but recently a family member, someone who is the sweetest most giving person in the world has been a victim of this awful thing we call cancer. I am not asking for money, just a to spread this. The more views the better the odds, and if you can spare even some change it would help greatly and help a sweet person fight a tough battle! Please spread the link!

  6. Hey! November 20 is my birthday!

  7. Awesome !!
    Great job . Thanks

  8. It's like The Thing

  9. Cancer-aint that a bitch?

  10. Drax the Destroyer

    The whole planet has been Cronenberged, Morty.

  11. Monty Pig of the Doodle Clan


  12. A Perfect Circle punched Cancer, good job APC!

  13. My Uncle died of Kidney Cancer.
    He was so young. ;-;
    He was only 49.
    and He was a really nice person.

  14. I am thankful , for this information it is very helpful. I never had cancer, but my best friend does. I am praying for her Survival. I want to educate myself on how it looks and it operates in the body. I am thankful, to God, that l am Cancer , free!

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