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Alternative Functional Chinese Auricular Medicine Therapy Introduction 1 To The Western Medicine

Alternative Functional Chinese Auricular Medicine Therapy Introduction 1 To The Western Medicine

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  1. If homeopathy doesn't work! Store wouldn't be selling it! It wouldn't be around more then 300 years!

  2. Why do they have more then a billions peoples in China? Acupuncture work!

  3. If placebo effect work then you don't medicine!

  4. I thought that Steven Salzberg was smarter! do we stop funding on cancer research, simply because none of the cancer research actually cured cancer; so much money spent on researches and up to now no cure yet for asthma, for diabetes, for high blood pressure! no one gets better! once you get diagnosed you are a customer forever! do we have to stop funding medical researches because they fail on curing diseases?

  5. steven is simply bias; he suppose to talk also about so many drugs in allopathic medicine that are more harmful; patch the symptoms while the diseases cotinue to progress until the patients die.

  6. Perhaps if you guys didn't prescribe statins to tens of millions of Americans who don't need them and don't want their side effects, there wouldn't be a rebellion.

  7. I am lucky that I can compare; we should admit that the failure of allopathic medicine make these days alternative medicine more popular. people are sick, doomed to die from their sickness and are tired of big, empty medical jargon, they tired of trial and essais, they are tired of taking medications to hear after 5-10 years, that the medicines are more harmful and cause bigger problems than the one they actually treat. people need cures not patches. I am a licenced professional in the main stream medicine and I am getting my doctorate in naturopathic and Alternative medicine. we should agree that main stream medicine fail us. Most of the people who become sick are stable clients, you will see them all the time for the same problems. Instead of critisizing, discouraging the evolution of alternative medicine, allopathic medicine should embrace the alternative for the general welfare.

  8. Doctor's don't question what they are taught in medical school, and they just tend to practice their teachings on their patients!? That sounds like a problem, because whoever had the money to gain influence over medical schools, and continuing medical education, might influence the general direction of medicine in the world, especially if the same views are adopted by prestigious medical institutions that set the standards of care.

    Of course, besides these CAM infiltrators, we don't have to worry about this because the Rockefeller family bit the bullet a hundred years ago and did the right thing by forming a focused and exclusive US medical establishment to keep their family tradition of snake oil sales out of the practice of medicine for future generations, thus saving us from the threat of amoral profit seekers that might want to be in such a position and secure profits by limiting certain competition, raising barriers to entry, or otherwise subverting the US medical establishment's truly compassionate and selfless devotion to human health, irrespective of financial incentives. Amen.

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