Histologic Findings Of Acrochordons


Acrochordons (skin tags) are benign tumors. Skin tags are extremely common, affecting up to 50% of the population. On rare occasions, histologic examination of a clinically diagnosed FEP reveals a basal or squamous cell carcinoma. Advise patients that these are benign tumors. Acrochordons are characterized by acanthotic, flattened, or frondlike epithelium.

A papillarylike dermis is composed of loosely arranged collagen fibers and dilated capillaries and lymphatic vessels. Appendages are generally absent. Acrochordons were thought to be marked by decreased numbers of elastic fibers, though one study of elastic tissue in FEPs showed no deficiency of this tissue.

In medical terms acrochordon are known as pedunculated papilloma. The cause of these skin irregularities is yet to be determined. Even though skin tags are actually small skin tumors, they are benign and harmless. Since they contain nerve cells, contact with clothing or jewelry, shaving, or just touching them can cause irritation.

Skin Tags are commonly found around creases or folds in the skin but can occur just about anywhere on the body. They often appear as flat or thin cylindrical shaped flesh-like growths protruding from the skin. They can develop in clusters or individually. Skin tags vary in size and appearance. Some are as small as a grain of rice, while others are as large as a walnut.

Acrochordons are often considered clinically insignificant cutaneous redundancies that should be removed without histopathologic analysis. However, one may rarely find another neoplasm within an acrochordon. A squamous cell carcinoma that had features resembling a keratoacanthoma was recently described.

In addition, there are also special concerns. Interestingly, skin tags have been used for reconstruction of the ear and of the nose, particularly for distal nasal reconstruction. However, failure to clearly delineate how the skin tag is producing a problem for the patient when removing a symptomatic acrochordon is a pitfall.

Thus, this documentation may be obligatory for insurance coverage because most plans do not cover cosmetic procedures. Failure to inform the patient that the insurance company may not cover the procedure if the physician believes that he or she is performing the removal for cosmetic reasons is a pitfall.

Skin tags are generally treated for noncosmetic reasons. Small, pedunculated acrochordons may be removed with curved or serrated blade scissors, while larger skin tags may simply require excision. For small acrochordons, application of aluminum chloride prior to removal will decrease the amount of minor bleeding.

Anesthesia prior to electrodesiccation is another option. Other methods of removal include cryotherapy and ligation with a suture or a copper wire; however, freezing of the surrounding skin during liquid nitrogen cryotherapy may result in dyschromic lesions. Taking hold of skin tags with forceps and applying cryotherapy to the forceps may provide superior results.

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