HELIX in The Guardian: How design can make healthcare better

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HELIX Director Ara Darzi writes for the Guardian about healthcare innovation and the potential for a design-led approach to improving healthcare. Helix logo The Institute of Global Health Innovation&;s HELIX Centre for Design in Healthcare, a joint …
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Coal burning costs UK between £2.5bn and £7bn from premature deaths
… responsible for very substantial emissions of classic air pollutants – nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides – and for the average European, that translates into more chronic illnesses like bronchitis, heart disease and asthma, and more premature …
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Gut Bugs May Affect Body Fat, &39;Good&39; Cholesterol Levels
Studies have also suggested that when the microbiome lacks diversity, that may contribute to health conditions such as obesity, asthma and type 1 diabetes. This latest study … The American Society for Microbiology has an overview of the human microbiome.
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