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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. "Weight loss programmes are always 100% bullshit."
    "You'll only get results with Saddam's Solid Fat Burning Programme"

    You already said it was bullshit.

  2. these guys are hilarious. lol

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  4. Nicolas Villalonga

    damn, I got 6 more hours of fasting .. FUCK!!

  5. Hoooooooooooongry

  6. could you guys go into more detail next time?

  7. The "bitch!" at 2:47….. that bitch was clean!

  8. Blast and Cruise Protocol from Hell

    all this is good advice, but "DO WHATEVER THE FUUUCKK YOU WANT"!

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  10. dance 90s jams and do wtf you wanna do !

  11. No money ? No problem, window shopping is free as fuck!!

  12. 2:47 thats ritght, you say it to his face m8

  13. FUCK cant stop laughing

  14. lol this must have been around the time these guys were on yohimbine. They've been hyper for the past few videos. lol I need some protein! some carbs, some fats! some simple sugars

  15. Very first hodgetwins video i watched, still funny as hell

  16. one of their funniest videos to date I was dying LMAO


  18. Andre Encarnacion (TokyoMuscle)

    he said "fuck! im hungry, I want protein, some carbs, some fats, some simple sugars" like 100 times lmao they funny af

  19. BIG QUESTION. I came across you guys and then cane across Kinobody on YouTube also. what do you guys think of his method of IF?

    Basically you wait 4-6 hrs after you wake up to eat ANYTHING. You blunt your appetite with black coffee and other non calorie drinks when you first start to feel hungry.. then you have maybe 2-300 cals from fruit or other foods..then you have a big big meal later in the day, maybe 5-7pm depending on when your window is (I think he actually says forget about the eating window – not sure about that though)
    please I want to know your thoughts on this method!! :) thank you!

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