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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. My brother had an earache and needed help sleeping, and this definitely helped

  2. Fantastic work, mate! Cheers!

  3. Jason you are an amazing poet!!! So healing…..

  4. Very good, i slept even before i finished

  5. Fantastic hard terrible insomnia , If i cant geT WIFI I AM DOOMED anthother night with no sleep!!!! That's what happens after 30 years of working nights. Just hearing your voice makes me start to relax and stop the voices in my head❤️

  6. I'm new to your page, I work shifts and as a result my sleep pattern is all over the place. I'm looking for a new job so hopefully it will be sorted out soon, but I'm definitely a fan and I'm going to be listening every night/day I love your voice!

  7. PLEASE post more of these!

  8. Excellent , Thank you

  9. can you maybe edit this so there is 1 or maybe 2 minutes delay i dont have time to get in bed i know 1 to 2 minutes is a while but i take my comforters and wrap them around me like a burrito sleeve its very comfortable more so than you would think

  10. I love your guided meditations… Thank You.. Divines bless.

  11. too much silence in between… I need more help with more talking. I like others better. Thank you for what you do!!

  12. Jason Stephenson = Magical personification of collective energy <3

  13. I suffer with depression anxiety and selfharm and personality disorder im on lots of pills and inhalers for my asthma at the moment I have a bad chest infection so the breathing is a bit hard but the rest has helped me never been so relaxed so thank u who ever you are

  14. Your voice helps me drift off to sleep every night.

  15. TheOpportuneNoodle

    Can someone help me? When I try these guided mediation videos, I typically find myself feeling extremely stressed or frightened. I sometimes see very frightening images in my mind. It is not relaxing at all! Has anyone experienced this? Any tips to fix it?

  16. This was actually quite nice, I did not expect my body/mind to become so relaxed, thank you! :)

  17. Awesome sound

  18. I listen to this one every night. I've never stayed awake long enough to hear it past 15 minutes :)

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