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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. Irene Chashah van Slooten

    Dear Michael, thank you for sharing these meditation video's on youtube. It's only two weeks ago I found out about them and I have been listening almost every evening since :) Yesterday I fell asleep on a mountain top trusting your voice supporting me to let go of past relationships (I'll have to listen once again to hear the whole session :) ) Your meditations help me to be strong in my personal journey of growth.

  2. I had to stop at the 20:49 second mark. It was great then i started feeling this kind of euphoria in my arms and it sort of weirded me out :/

  3. Still n cold Water

    I love your voice. … hugs to you…

  4. Love it! love your voice very relaxing

  5. your videos has helped me to cope with these feelings that always resurface and makes me feel bad about myself. do you have any practices you would recommend for someone dealing with bipolar disorder/schizophrenia

  6. Really good material – very soothing.

  7. ASMR anyone?

  8. You did magic with this meditation. Extremely grateful.

  9. This has helped me so much as I have bad anxiety thank you so much

  10. I am having my 3rd child in February I haven't had a baby in 15 years ..I am suffering fear an anxiety at a terrible level since last month ,I look foward to this every night to help sleep ,it's the only peace I know I am hoping that before labor it helps me to fully re gain my thoughts, fears ,an confidence in order to not lose control, thank you for your time !bless you

  11. This got me through a bad one, thanks so much man. Will be using this as a tool to deal with future episodes.

  12. I went to sleep while listening to this and woke up completely different. Is it normal? I feel so feeling less as I am not even responding to the song that used to make me depressed asf. Strange eh?

  13. Your work is amazing :)

  14. Binaural Beats, Space Sounds, White Noise, Ambient Music, Baby Sleep


  15. I love this!!! I usually listen to it daily to relax before bed.

  16. Thank you for this video. This just helped me a lot to regain a conscious state of thinking. Thank you!

  17. thank you

  18. I have been having lots of  trouble sleeping for over a year now and thought I would never get a decent nights sleep ever again, but since listening to your videos I have fallen asleep easily every time. I am amazed because I didn't think it was possible.  My life is back on track and I'm relaxed, thank you.  I tell all my friends to listen as I cant believe how this works    lol

  19. I was so wound up last night, bad anxiety and worry. this did help but I need to really let it work. I still had to take xanax but I will try this again tonite, thanks

  20. I kind of fell asleep after 5minutes. Is that normal?

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