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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Hope you enjoyed this experience. So amazing!

  2. Eduardo Manchaleeno

    hey kassie! just curious to know, what's your religion?

  3. So…do you hate gay/bi people like me? I'm curious because I had a lot of turkish friends who in the end, were terrible. I only have negative experiences with Muslims(in Germany). But you seem completely different.

  4. its not required to donate while u fast .

  5. What is the purpose of fasting? Depriving your body of water and nutrition?

  6. I admire that you wanted to try fasting as most people view it in a very bad light. I am Jewish and so I have had quite a lot of experience with it. I've always found it extremely beneficial and not very hard. My advise to anyone who wants to try it is to drink ample amounts of water before, don't swallow 2 litres in one shot though do it gradually. Also open the fast with a glass of water. The water before the fast will help stave off the hunger and afterwards it will prevent you from binging or going for the unhealthy choices.

  7. Is she muslim??

  8. If she's a muslim shouldnt she cover her body.Its not allpwed for a muslim women to wear sleeveless in the public.She's letting the whole world see it.She should respect the traditional values.I understand that she dosent want to wear the hijab.But least she can do is cover her skin

  9. +Makayla Coffey it has too many benefits (spiritual, mental and physical). if you're interested search it. you would understand :)

  10. Is she muslim?

  11. Are you Muslim? You said your mum is a "devout Muslim". But it seems you have a kafir "boyfriend" or husband and you're wearing an amulet which is shirk.

  12. Nuha & Maryam (B&B)

    aaah, I loved this! The fact that you explain why you do it as well! How did it go? :-D

  13. So, how did it turn out? :)

  14. Is she a Muslim?

  15. I'd like to try this one day but I'm afraid I'll get kidney failure again :(

  16. I miss you all frand

  17. Your amazing

  18. I hate islamic people , now im waiting for hate comments .

  19. Good job

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