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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. ‫امير الورد‬‎

    لماذا لم تترجم الفيديو الى العربية ايضا .؟

  2. Allah bless u my brother

  3. This made me cry

  4. may Allah grant him jannatul firdows

  5. how did he afford all those things? he doesn't look older than 30

  6. Thank you so much Ali for sparing your insights!!! It inspires me and i hope many, many others. That we may learn from even when we are healthy. Dankjewel!!! May your journey be peaceful, your heart compassionate whole living and dying. Again thank you.

  7. May Allah ease his pain. May Allah grant him shifa and a Janaat alfirdus. Ameen

  8. Mashaallah brother, Allah wants u to close with him, Allah wants u to enter the Jannah, thats why Allah is giving u this, u are still lucky brother, u have time before u die, use it well and for us may Allah leads us always to the right path,

  9. Probably the best video I've ever seen, very eye opening, God bless u

  10. allah yashfiik

  11. May Allah reward you with jannah-tul-firdaws

  12. May Allah grant him patience. May Allah reward him. May Allah grant him Firdowse al ala and may Allah keep Ali's heart steadfast in His Deen. Ameen Rabul Alameen

  13. may Allah cure you akhi

  14. May Allah ease his pain! Such a beautiful story brought me to tears just thinking about life may Allah grant him a long life ameen, get well soon

  15. The video touched me in soo many ways hes such a brave and inspirational man thousands of people are going to look upto him ya Allah please help ease his pain and grant him shifaa ameen x

  16. I will always make dua for you such an emotional story and I am only 11 I hope I can be a person like you in the future

  17. "Oh Allah please take me" How beautiful is that!! I mean he's asking Allah to take him and I get scared to sleep and not wake up every knight. I get scared of my sins to slap me on the face after I die. How awful of me to be living this way seriously!!! This inspires me to change! May Allah reward every hand the helped bring this video here.

  18. subhanAllah

  19. Left me speechless… thank you for this.

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