Gender influences survival after pediatric brain tumor removal

Scientists conducted the study, in part, because new knowledge suggests that pediatric and adult brain tumors, which look similar microscopically and on MRI scans, are quite different at their genetic levels, said Greenfield, who is also the director …
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Jimmy Carter, Brain and You
Primary brain cancer. Primary brain cancer, which affects about 20,000 new patients per year in the U.S., refers to cancer that begins in the brain. About half of these are metastatic — and particularly deadly. Brem said the prognosis for an adult …
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Complete resection of high-grade brain cancer yields better survival in
High-grade gliomas make up about 30 percent of brain tumors in adults, compared with eight to 12 percent in children. Neurosurgeons previously believed that the factors affecting outcomes were similar for all age groups. But recent genetic studies have …
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