Frozen treatment: Rockwood's IceCure machine can solve benign breast tumors

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She had a fibroadenoma, a benign breast tumor not uncommon in young women. Since then, Gawenit has had three more fibroadenomas removed, a golf-ball sized tumor when she was 25 and two additional tumors this year. Compared to the surgeries she …
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New endoscopic system differentiates between malignant and benign tumors in
In the journal Angewandte Chemie, a team of British and Hungarian researchers has now introduced an endoscopic system that can differentiate between malignant tumors and benign polyps in the gastrointestinal tract based on the characteristic mass …

LTP Finds and Separates Benign From Malignant DCIS and Breast
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A California software company,, has put out a call to women who have had to face the difficult diagnosis of breast cancer: Donate your mammogram images to a …
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Benign orbital angiomatous tumors with intracranial extension
Here, we describe the clinical and radiological findings, as well as the surgical management of two extraordinary cases, in which such bony perforations with subsequent intracranial tumor growth resulted from benign angiomatous orbital neoplasms.
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  1. DorisRenee, I remember the beiignnng of your ADHD journey with Cub 1. And I remember sharing with you my experiences with ADHD kids and especially my most remembered parent advocate who was instrumental in getting lots of things changed in FCPS. She and I fought for her child and because of that things were changed for lots of children. You too are an advocate for your child and because of your love and support he will succeed. There will be DOWNS but thank God with parents like you and Rev. his UPS will always outweigh his DOWNS. It’s not easy being the parent of an ADHD child but you have learned how to know what works. I admire your dedication. There are so many parents who are uncooperative and do nothing and their child, family, teachers, and class suffers the consequences because the parent(s) refuse to acknowledge there IS A PROBLEM. You realized early in his life and started addressing the problem. Congrats you are an awesome parent!!!!

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