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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. Youburr please can you tell me. do contractions kick in after a while of feeling like you need oxygen really bad? And do i just have to deal with the feeling of suffocating?

  2. next video david blane? fuck off lol

  3. noticing the no warm up is better.. thx!

  4. Great video Youbuur, Me and my girlfriend have started snorkelling northern Vancouver Island. Ive been looking for some advice regarding longer dives as Im a beginner and I would like to dive deeper, this helps a lot.

  5. Great tips and videos buddy well done. I have been quite a heavy smoker the last years. I'm 23 now and I have just quit and I'm taking spearfishing really seriously. What would you suggest I do at the gym that will help me in the water ?

  6. Are there any tips for taking bigger breaths?

  7. sry, but the heart is by far not the "biggest muscle in the body"…

  8. what you mean twitches ? like having a seizure or something ?

  9. why cant we hyperventilate

  10. Reallly helpful. The diving area looks like a quarry. You can do interesting dives in those:)

  11. any tips on equalizing pressure when dropping down? I've tried holding my nose and trying to pop my ears as i drop but still having a hard time going below 15 feet

  12. u have a snorkel

  13. تمنيت وجود فيديو عربي واحد يشرح كيفيه الغوص الحر :(

  14. really you are good man .May Allah bless u

  15. really you are good man .May Allah bless u

  16. I always feel like it's not safe to dive, it doesn't feel right . Also, I always feel like sinking..maybe mainly because I don't know how to swim to those very deep water, tho i can float in shallow water :)
    Thanks for sharing this vid tho! It helps a lot.

  17. how do you pressurize yourself so your ears don't hurt when going deep? Every time I go down about 12 feet my ears feel like they're going to pop

  18. man you have to work more on your duck dive!!!

  19. I smoke and dive 75 feet regularly. I need to stop smoking. I'm sure thats a good technique!

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