Food Allergy Blood Test

We all know that most of us have an allergy to something. But finding out what the allergy really can be a discouraging job. Performing a food allergy blood test is something that you and your physician can do by eliminating foods from your diet and figuring out the symptoms of allergies.
However, there are 3 kinds of  tests, it’s the skin prick, CAP-RAST and ELISA test. Each test has its own pros and cons. Some tests are good for kids or people with skin orders such as eczema. Some may take longer than the others, and some perhaps may not include the allergens you have gone through. These tests look for particular antibodies within the blood to spot an allergy. There are 2 types of antibodies; IgG and IgE. IgG antibodies get longer to respond, normally for about 48 hours. IgE antibodies typically react faster, in about two hours or less.

The skin-prick food allergy blood test is an easy type of test that is done at the physician’s office. This form of test is normally less costly compared to CAP-RAST or ELISA tests.  It also takes a smaller amount time to determine outcomes. The skin-prick test is done through applying a small drop of allergen to a particular extort on the skin, then pricking it using a needle. In case an individual is allergic to that particular allergen, a wheal (looks like a mosquito bite) will form in 15 minutes. For the CAP-RAST blood test, it needs a blood sample, which is sent to a laboratory where it is being tested to determine if the blood has IgE antibodies to that particular food allergy. CAP-RAST test is best for small kids that were having hard time with skin-prick test. This is also good for individuals, which are suffering from skin problems such as eczema that tends to make it more difficult to read the outcomes. It takes about a week to obtain the outcomes from this test.

The ELISA test is another type of food allergy blood test. This test contains more allergens compared to other tests, for about 190 various food allergies. It helps detect the amount of IgG antibodies. On the other hand, if you haven’t eaten a specific suspected allergen for the last three weeks, one downfall may produce a false negative. ELISA test sample is gathered and dealt with much like the CAP-RAST test.

The best test is indeed a lifesaver for people who continue suffering with strange allergy symptoms. Several people who have allergies never recognize that they could stay away from the symptoms through removing particular food from their diet. Nevertheless, one major problem to all food allergy blood tests is the fact that they cannot tell you the kind or severity of symptoms an individual will acquire. This indicates that two individuals could have each test positive for an allergy to peanuts. One individual may perhaps have the ability to eat peanuts, but includes a gentle reaction. Even though the other person would consume peanuts and go into anaphylaxis.

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