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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Somebody respond! can i workout after fast?

  2. Is there a reason why all the techniques have you breaking the fast later in the day? I ask because I started taking one the 6th buddhist precept which looks a lot Iike this, but we eat in the morning and have our last meal at noon. I was looking at how this will affect me since I am metabolically deranged and came across your video. Any thoughts? 

  3. I work out in the evening, anywhere from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM. Would it make sense for me to fast from 8 PM to 12 AM if I continue to work out in the evening?

  4. I went to the link and got the 14 day report for burning stubborn lower belly fat. The 12 minute exercise routine is great except that I cannot run or sprint like I used to because of a knee problem and foot problem. I hike and walk briskly for miles but cannot do burst mode. What exercise or exercises can I substitute  for this as I have some remaining belly fat I would really like to lose. I also do intermittent fasting 16/8 and love it.

  5. So, you break the 16 hour fast with a intense workout and then eat? 

  6. Also, do you think yoga is pretty intense, since it's body weight 

  7. So intermittent fasting won't work at all unless I can work out early afternoon?…I beg to differ, I think it may work even more than way, but if you have to work out with something in your stomach, it'll still do wonders.

  8. Where is this link again? lol

  9. Can fasting be done without working out? I am asking this because i am on vacation and i have no access to the gym since i will not stay for super long.. when i return to school i can workout.

  10. Thank you for making this video! You took less then 7 mins to break down the pros and cons of the 16/8 IF and made it so easy to understand!

  11. UnitedStatesofIsrael

    What about 6 days of 16/8 ans one day 24 hr fast?

  12. Prassadh Bascarane

    Hi I'm ur subscriber mainly due to the way u explain things and buddy I need a favour I'm 23 years old 135 kg 192cm in hight and I'm in taking 970 calories a day 50 carb and if I follow this 16 hr fast can I eat more carb & calorie please reply ASAP & send me the calorie carb and protein intake for my body to loose weight for 16 hr diet

  13. Excellent video! I've been hungry for this information. Thanks!


    here's my day
    I eat from 10am to 5pm. I get up at 4:30am go to the gym. and eat at 10 am repeat Monday -Friday. Saturday and Sunday off fast.

  15. Part one and part 2, you say literally the same things….

  16. I started this 16/8 plan 5 months ago, so far I have lost 23 lbs of fat, and gained 5 lbs of muscle…I have never been so lean! It's easy to do if most of the fasting period is when you sleep, followed by bulletproof coffee, which extends you out to 16-18 hrs.

  17. I have lost 35 pounds since I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia. I ordered my bottle from I take two pills per day.

  18. Maybe someone will be interested in how I lost 45 pounds, look here +Emilie Kesinger

  19. So, which works best for people who work 9-5 and train around 5:30pm? Does 16/8 still work if I eat 12-8 and train in the middle?

  20. Tridama Vengadesvararao

    Can you still lose fat fasting 16 hours and eating more than 8 hours approximately 10 hours due to schedule ?
    Pls help me sir.

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