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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Respect the Vessel with Low Carb Cory

    I'd eat more protein if I felt especially "torn up" from a badass lifting session the day before the day off I'd be taking, otherwise I would just keep fat high to keep my body in the habit of burning fat for fuel instead of carbs. As for fasting every day…I don't, because I fast for 36 hours pretty much every 3 days right now, but many people fast for 16-20 hours daily and get amazing results with that.

  2. Respect the Vessel with Low Carb Cory

    I already did a video of this. Youtube . com / watch?v=UPtHrOJGy0E
    (take out the spaces in the address)

  3. Respect the Vessel with Low Carb Cory

    Fasted cardio. Or five shots of vodka. Seriously.

  4. Respect the Vessel with Low Carb Cory

    Not really, no.

  5. Hey question…….currently 10% body fat looking to get little lower get rid of the stubborn areas…..throwing in a 36 hour fast once a week works for my lifestyle (i would do 30-45 cardio on that day)…ultimate question do you think this is enough to acheive my goal???

  6. if u can answer Thank you very much

  7. Why would you choose to eat a lot of fat?… that doesn't make much since… If we're "trying to get rid of fat" you think you'd have to stay away from fat…. use carbs for the glycogin and energy and its a win win so you don't have to starve?…. I do however feel fasting / water fasting etc are very worthwhile for the body to heal etc etc but it could be dangerous to stress your body while not eating.

  8. Oh I see your explanation here…. How can you "train your body" to choose what it burns…. isn't it natural that it will keep the fat stores there until it has no other forms of energy then it will get into the fat deposits?… I don't think you can change human physiology(how the human body works) just by eating certain types of food more often than others.

  9. great to see you. you are a Pioneer

  10. Thanks for the info

  11. is taking BCAAs/Aminos essential for working out while fasting or we can do fine without it?

  12. don't you feel burned out working out 7 days a week, im about to start a tri,chest, shoulders day 1. back biceps day . leg day 3. rest day 4, just curious if you ever feel burned out

  13. Christopher Whalen

    Big fan Cory…. thanks.. Just in a few weeks of intermittent fast (17/7 daily).. my cravings are gone and hunger is almost non existent.  When are your on site seminars? 

  14. Im doing IF myself too, got good result for the first month. One question real quick though: how do you minimize the muscle loss when you going on long fast( 24 hrs and above), Cause i know that at that point, both fat and muscle are being burnt for fuel

  15. I love this guy. He's funny!

  16. man i am so sick of those "eat plenty small meals, high carb low fat" bitches

  17. [GMS]ThisVileKingdom2

    i only can train fasted…all meal a day is best

  18. Thanks bro

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