Expert tips on keeping ADHD children (and their parents) happy during vacation

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In terms of meeting with friends, Danino cautioned parents of children with ADHD from simply sending them over, and suggested setting up a meeting at their own first, saying that “it is worth doing in their natural environment” to see how they …
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Parents of children with ADHD react to video of handcuffed eight-year-old
The video of a school resource officer restraining an eight-year-old boy in Kentucky struck a chord with parents of other children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The boy, who also has post-traumatic stress disorder, can be heard …
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Motherlode | Picky Eating in Children Linked to Anxiety, Depression and ADHD
What should parents do? For one thing, they should lose the guilt. “In some ways, this research exonerates parents who have reported that they&;ve felt very blamed, and that they&39;re not doing enough or presenting enough foods to their kids,” said Dr …
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ADHD: What Parents Should Watch For
If your child is struggling in school, misbehaving, and just doesn&39;t seem to be paying attention it may be something more than bad behavior. ADHD is a real problem for a lot of kids and can be dangerous if untreated. "ADHD is a disorder of the …
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