Dust Mites Allergy – Do You Sneeze Or Have a Rash?

– Do You Or Have a ?

There is a common assumption that if you have a dust mite rash it is due to being bitten. In fact, experts say that the rash is an allergy to the feces and waste that the mites produce. Dust mites are invisible to the eye or at best very tiny and difficult to see. There are many species of these critters. If you have them in your they can be in the couch, mattress and pillow. They feast on dead skin cells.

A dust mite rash can be quite itchy and have the texture of a red bump. The house mites can be found also in stuffed animals as well as carpets. They thrive in humid conditions. Arizona and other parts of the southwest that have humidity below forty percent are not plagued by them.

You can have a rash that looks like eczema if you have an allergic response to the mites. Some other allergic reactions can include asthma and breathing difficulties. Because our bodies sheds dead skin cells, this makes us vulnerable to the little pests. 

It’s important to vacuum well and keep up with this regularly. Some say that this will only pick up ten to twenty percent of the insects and their droppings and it is best to get a hepa vacuum for better filtration. Be sure to wash frequently the sheets on the bed and upholstery covers to reduce the population. By using hot water, over 145 degrees you can kill them. This is true as well for scabies problems in the home.

Don’t forget to also clean the curtains in your home and blinds. The mites will hide wherever they can including cushions, fabric toys and in chairs. The female mite can lay between twenty and forty eggs a week. Some advise getting a good mattress cover as well since we spend so many hours each night sleeping to reduce skin contact and rash symptoms..

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