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DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

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  1. What impact does drinking these high amounts of Iodine have on our gut flora (good gut bacteria) ?
    From the little research I have done it appears to be well understood a drop on your skin is the safest way to get your iodine, the best way would be to grow food so it has a high iodine content and eat the food…

  2. can i take survival shield x2 on a detox juice fast? or will it disrupt the process of the fast?

  3. Is there a high tech supplement that gets Alex Jones to shut the fuck up every now and then. God damn.

  4. Love Doctor ED, he's an amazing person willing to share and teach a way to be healthy without having to take medical drugs. I was on 20 medical pills and a shot everyday till I was introduced to Doctor Ed. I will always use his products.

  5. What's been tried in the past? is coming back; we need iodine no question about it: I have been interpreting to doctors in many, many, places where the sick only knew and trusted the doctors and for them to insist to get vaccines!! which inevitable will disrupt the normal way for the boy to heal itself like it has been for thousands of years, now les than 100 years this people come to change nature?????????

  6. how do we give this to our kids…

  7. Michael Jason Gaines

    Has anyone tried Intramax? may change your mind about this brilliant man.

  8. There's something fishy about this show's format. I mean, constantly interrupting your guests for 2-minutes commercials? That whole "News TV" studio should not be an option in an era where everybody knows that the big media lies to us. Talk shows, look at their desks. Why do you have a desk? Are you a writer? An accountant or something? Weird.

  9. How do you offset the nasty side effects from the detoxing while taking the iodine? I bought your iodine and I love it and it really works well. I am experiencing panic attacks that cause a raise in my heart rate and blood pressure.

  10. Tarus Furr (tarus48)

    can't figure out what all the attaches are about oh I know it must work .

  11. ASEA is great for metal detox, like if you have had mercury fillings.

  12. The results I got from Boner-trex are hard to beat.

  13. you know that!!!! nikola tesla = "here he comes to save day!"

  14. What's your take on Jim Humble's "MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) + Citric Acid (CDS)" …

  15. Alex,   SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       Let the guest speak without your constant BS.

  16. I really hope the goverment don't have this doctor killed. There has been at least 12 holistic doctors in Florida that have been murdered for speaking out.

  17. Hi Alex, how to get the Survival Shield Iodine in Singapore?

  18. Calm down. It sounds as if you are selling something. Please.

  19. Good information!

  20. oldsongs.

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