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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. I have been doing ADF for about a year and a half after learning about it on NOVA. I lost 20 lbs and kept it off. Also my stomach shrunk (beer belly from almost 15 years as a road warrior). It has been really easy to stick too. I just skip breakfast and lunch, then a small dinner every other day. Easy to do because I am busy at work and just drink water and coffee. Never low on energy. I many times work-out in the fasted state. Best of all my cholesterol has gone down. Probably because when I do eat, I crave healthier food.  I tried to switch to the 5/2 but I couldn't stick to it, just hard to get into that habit. With the Alternate Day, If something social comes up like friends want to go out for dinner on my fasting day, I just do it and then the next day becomes a fasting day. Its to the point that I actually like the feeling when I'm in a fasting state. 

  2. This woman can be believed. She has a book out, but don't let that fool you, her diet is based on actual science. I've been fasting 3 days a week for just over 2 years now, eating literally whatever I want on the other 4 days including the weekend, and have a steady 10% body fat. Critically, I've managed to increase my muscle mass over that period. I don't consider myself to have anything like great willpower when it comes to food. Fasting is so much easier than intake reduction. I could never stick to a regular diet.

  3. Fasting is amazing, I have incorporated this into a common lifestyle the last few years. Whether its a restricted eating window of 4-8 hours, Alternate day, or 1-2 36hr fasts a week it is the BEST method to get ahead with health and jump start healing. It is great for weight loss, Human growth hormone, healing diseases of every kind and maintaining weight. The body is a powerful machine that we underestimate. Our bodies can heal themselves on the cellular level, we must give it a break and it's chance! Fasting is King of all ways and regimen, and out of self-love, the world should apply it and begin fasting.

  4. thx Dr  and i will be trying  this food plan, it sounds good for me ty……

  5. If you drink that much extra water, be careful about potassium depletion. It happened to me.

  6. Losing weight notwithstanding as it's not an issue I have to deal with, I am nonetheless finding a version of intermittent fasting very doable; one that's managed to reduce what was slightly elevated FBG as well as HbA1c blood sugar measures. Although I wasn't consistently crossing the prediabetic thresholds of either, I was getting too close for comfort nonetheless.  Now that I'm entering the fourth week of an 8 hour eating window eating plan (a type of intermittent fasting?), the daily 16 hour fasting has produced significant reductions in not only blood sugar measures but has also seemed to lower an already low blood pressure even more.  I'm not certain this diet's behind the BP numbers but I am fairly convinced its positive effects on blood sugar as well as other metabolic processes is a total net positive, at least in my case.  Great info in this video BTW, very interesting… thanks Dr.s!!!

  7. Interesting point about breakfast being the least important.

  8. Intermitent fasting boosts testosterone as far as i'm aware, and this is why people have argued against women doing this longterm. I've been doing it for a year now and actually feel better on my fast day.

  9. Thankyou krista! You made a big change in my partners life and im just sooo grateful. 

  10. I love this diet!

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