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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Like Mercola's idea of "fasting" much more than Mosley's idea of 500 calories= fasting. Coffee eggs ham "protein" sounds like poor quality iHop Resturant "food". Exercise is much less important than diet. HIT Super Slow exercise (McGuff) mention by Joe is good physiological science. 

  2. Sherlock Holmes also recommended fasting for improved brainpower and vigilance. Mohamed isn't the only prophet out there.

  3. It's funny how the BBC you tube videos have been condensed or taken off you tube. Must be the food Industry giving him a back hander! Also he's changed his ideas about not fasting but endorsing fats.

  4. Fantastic conversation!

  5. Thank you I was so pleased to find this on You Tube. I'm just starting the regime and look forward with great interest to achieving positive results.

  6. Sandra Nonofyourbusiness

    I have been fasting (zero cal water only) for two 24 hour periods per week. I found that fasting from after dinner to dinner the next day works well for me, as I don't sleep well with an empty belly.

  7. Thank you Dr Mercola for your many videos regarding IF and the ketogenic diet. I've had some success using both. I don't find very much information on this topic focusing on menopausal women. If I have not overlooked a video you may have already made, would you please consider making one? Thank you

  8. Dr Michael Mosley is a National Treasure, as far as I'm concerned. He reminds me in some ways of Dr Phil Hammond too.

  9. Good interview

  10. Excellent!!  Thank you both for all you are doing for HEALTH CARE!!!

  11. Awesome talk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Fasting works! I am a diabetic that has had high blood sugar for years.  I did a four day water fast and my blood sugar dropped into low normal range after day 1 and lost 9 lbs.    I read Dr. Mosley's book on the 5/2 diet and continue to lose weight, and blood sugar continues in low normal range.  Plus learning that HGH increases and weight lost is 100% fat. In calorie restriction half the weight you lose is muscle and bone.

  13. The information has been good, lots of information out their but I know find I am not eating the same quantity of food (had lots of social eating) and my body seems desire less, but that varies only on daily activity but in general less desire to eat and its only the first couple of weeks trying intermittent fasting. Has any one had experience using colostrum on this program, friend gave me this product and included it before sleeping as found eating to close to sleep uncomfortable but I have experienced real quickly that I could extend my fast up to twelve to fourteen hours.

  14. Very well done guys!

  15. Regarding raw milk… you can keep a nanny goat.
    Dr Mercola spoke of a blood sugar of '90'. In the UK millimoles per litre are used, in the US, milligrams per decilitre (i.e. per 100mls). The conversion is simple. To find mg/dl, divide molar value by 18. So, Dr M's 90 mg/dl divided by 18 = 5 mmol/l. To find mg/dl if you know the mmol/l value, multiply the mmol/l value (e.g. 5) by 18: so 5×18 gets that 90 mg/dl value. Note, mg per decilitre, but mmol per litre. A decilitre is 100mls, i.e. a tenth of a litre. Litre is spelt liter in the US.
    The fate of glucose-fructose syrup in the liver is that the fructose is pretty difficult to metabolise, bordering on toxic if it's over-consumed, and is "handled" (Kreb's cycle) by conversion to body fat. The commercial pressure, esp. in the US, to push GFSyrup is dangerous. Avoid. GFS is a major hidden no-no when you look at a food label.

  16. Dina Taji Al Farouki

    Great video thanx to the both of you ! I have been doing intermittent for only a couple of days now prepping for a fitness compeition and my abs are popping and stomach became so flat . I get bloated very easily and now I'm not bloated at all no matter how big my meal is . Im also usually so hungry all the time through out the day and always wanting to munch on food even tho all the food i eat is low on the GI . Fasting has truly helped my hunger issues and bloating . I lost 3 cm off of my waist in only 2 days !

  17. FASTING REALLY WORKS but your doctor does not want you to know about it because that would put him out of work!

  18. Bodybuilder, Mike Mentzer popularized the idea of High Intensity weightlifting. One of the best ways I've found to increase strength quickly! I was 190Lbs and doing full stack on the leg extension superset with 725 lbs on the leg press! Was incredible!

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