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Body Transformation-Cancer to Bodybuilder

Body Transformation-Cancer to Bodybuilder

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  1. This is inaccurate, there are no proper links to sources used to come to this conclusion. From what I've come to discover is that in reality there are no animal products that can be considered healthy due to the amount of cholesterol and saturated fat in them especially processed meats. People who don't know anything about nutrition say things like this and don't look at all the studies that PROVE that eating animal products alarmingly increase your chance of cancer and heart disease so they don't feel bad about their eating habits. Here are a couple links to resources which have helped me come to this conclusion: All of these come from the non-profit website but I can find more sources if requested

  2. Sure, just cut down on your intake of meat. Not like this cancer causing food also slaughters animals and kills the environment. Treat yourself right?

  3. I love how butthurt vegans use this as "proof" for eating my foods food. News flash, plants are alive too you hypocrite

  4. Eating 1 egg/day= smoking 5 cigarretes/day

  5. This comment section is making me cringe. All the meat eaters should be at least respectful. I'm vegan and yes I think eating meat is wrong but unless you get into the topin in a conversation debate to each his own right? So everyone be respectful to each other damn it.

  6. I'd love a bean salad. Way better than eating flesh.

  7. the animals you harm, harm you

  8. When i saw the thumbnail , i thought that the cigarrete was a pocky xD

  9. I think its a little sad how some people in comments are saying "well i'll get cancer but I'll be happy." I mean, is that one taste really worth ending your life prematurely? Sure everyone could potentially live a long, satisfying life eating meat in moderation but the thing is… no one does. Most people in the standard american diet eat 3 times more than the 50g in the video. Try meatless mondays. Try having happiness that isn't governed by how many dead animals find their way onto your plate.

  10. Fucking great. What's next? "Breathing causes cancer?"

  11. +Shaaanox This is what you were talking about in one of your Vlogs DAAAANG!!!

  12. nooooooooooooooo i love meat!

  13. Lol fucking everything gives you cancer nowadays

  14. never eating red meat again. ever.

  15. Everything fucking causes cancer no one cares anymore

  16. Do you still eat meat?

  17. Meat causes more diseases than cigarettes. The risk

  18. This is why I am paranoid about vaccines they are hyping this like lung cancer

  19. Did you really compared cigarettes to meat?
    We, as human were meant to breath oxygen
    Meat is only bad when taking to extreme like alcohol.
    People don't have common sense these day

  20. Sometimes I feel that people hate on vegans more than they hate on actual criminals. (I DID NOT CLAIM THIS TO BE A FACT, I JUST SAID IT IN AN OPINION. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE)

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