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Alternative Functional Chinese Auricular Medicine Therapy Introduction 1 To The Western Medicine

Alternative Functional Chinese Auricular Medicine Therapy Introduction 1 To The Western Medicine

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  1. My mom, 98 years old, in great shape, had a persistent pain after a serious inflamation of her achiles tendon, treated with antibiotics etc. She sort adapted to the pain for two years. Then I sent her a friend, a chinese acupuncturist, and he gave her a treatment of 12 sessions, which didnt have any results, until, we all forgot about it, but after some 3 months she "suddenly" noticed that she was free of pain. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Very good documentary; it's interesting to hear the quacks' arguments for why their therapies work.

  3. I think it's more scary with traditional western medicine that is governed by a billion dollar industry that has money to buy both doctors, government and mass media get steered developments and legislation to their advantage. I read an article where research calculated with around some and 70% placebo effect while the pharmaceutical industry calculated with someone and 80% placebo effect. Meanwhile so happens that when an alternative healer succeed in healing a passient so called science this consistently for the placebo effect. I myself was heavily damaged solvent and no western specialist could help me. I was then lucky that I had an acquaintance in China asked me to come there for treatment; which I also did. I was there for 10 months and was very much better. I was treated with both acupuncture, cupping and exclusion of dried drugs of plants and animals. I had lived in a world of hurt and had difficulty moving. Now I know that this more millennial treatment really works. I'm not quite fresh; but the quality of life, pain and mobility is so much much better. I travel back to China annually for continued treatment not as intensively as the first year.

  4. The powerful touch healing is within my personal professional interests. 
    Thank for sharing and caring.

  5. The expert at 22: 40 is an idiot. It's well established that gems vibrate when energy is input into them, even very small amounts of ambient energy. It doesn't take a first year college chemist to tell you about the resonance of crystals. Look at your watch. If it says quartz on it, then it is probably timed off the resonance of a quartz crystal (20,000 vibrations per second) . Maybe crystal therapy is a bunch of Holcomb. I'm not going to make any assumptions, but at least include experts who actually know their ass from a hole in the ground.

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