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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. This is called Yogic breathing

  2. Jill Patricia Lyons

    good job!

  3. Why do I feel breathless when I breathe through the diaphragm?

  4. Thanks for sharing this Good information; Jesus Christ Bless you! :)

  5. Still doesn't teach me how to do it. I know i need to but how?

  6. I have been breathing from my chest for so long that im used to it. I tried to breath from my diaphragm but it feels like my chest starts to get a burning sensation the deeper I breath. Im guessing my body is resisting because im so used to breathing from my chest. Any suggestions?

  7. all the best….

  8. thank you so much. this has greatly helped with my anxiety

  9. when you breath in, your diaphragm goes down to give space for lungs expansion not as you displayed

  10. Lukas Due-Tønnessen

    I can breath twice as deep when I breath through the chest.. Compared to through the stomach/diaphragm..
    Why I'd that? It just feels uncomfortable breathing through diaphragm..

  11. This is totally wrong!
    He says he is using the diaphragm, but he's still using the chest.
    The diaphragm PULLS DOWN when it contracts, so you will have the impression to breath in your belly. It doesn't go up when you inhalate, but DOWN!!!
    This is really important. This video says exactly the opposite, it's teaching you how to absolutely not use the diafragm o.O

  12. this is great. i like how you compare both types of breathing.

  13. As a respiratory therapist and I can say without a doubt that Alessio Bona is absolutely right.

  14. its the wrong way round,your supposed to breath in thru your nose and let your stomach out,breath out thru ur mouth and let ur stomach relax and gor down,this stimulates the cariac and lunges region n helps with anxiety and panic attacks,,,the wayy babies actually breath

  15. I like your dog. what you must realize is that there is a reason the ribs are so flexible. They are designed to expand when you breathe. There is nothing wrong with movement of the chest and or ribs when you breathe as this is completely natural. If you keep your ribs rigged and try only to use the diaphragm you are denying yourself the right amount of oxygen. however you should learn to use your diaphragm more in conjunction with the rib movement as you breathe and be careful not to overdramatize the movement with either the ribs or diaphragm

  16. my life is still shit after this video:)

  17. When you breath in diaphragm goes down not up, in exhalation it returns to its place up

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